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Data Acquisition System Omniace RA2300MKⅡ/ RA2300MKⅡ-S
Data Acquisition System Omniace RA2300MKⅡ(-S)
Measurement by Anyone, Anywhere
The Omniace RA2300MKⅡ is a data acquisition system which can record data with simple operations. The virtual amplifier setting screen, touch panel and large LCD dynamic waveform display shorten and simplify setup and measurement. Measuring modes enable long term recording and high speed phenomenon recording. The RA2300MKⅡ can handle a variety of applications such as production line, quality inspection, research and development.
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PDF Manual (10.2MB)
PDF Manual for Amplifier Units (3.01MB)
PDF Manual for Communication Command (1.42MB)
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Did you know?
If you need to record signals on paper, you need aChart Recorder.
If you look for a chart recorder, the best isOmniace.
Omniace isA&D.
NEC San-ei Instruments has manufactured Electromagnetic Oscillographic Recorders and Pen Oscillographic Recorders for 60 years.
Omniace prints measuring signals on thermal paper with a thermal head and has been used by many customers for 30 years.
A&D acquired this technology and has designed and released a New Omniace.
Easy "Pen Recorder" Mode
Easy operation of the “pen recorder” was realized by virtual amp. setup display and touch panel.
Easy measurement of a “pen recorder” is yours without complicated settings.
Various Features at Playback Mode
Various search functions are available for finding certain points in large data easily after long-term recording.
Fast search using a thumbnail bar (displays all recorded data of selected one channel) and jump search (max/min, time, etc.) available. 
Improved Vibration Resistance (RA2300MKⅡ-S)
The RA2300MKⅡ-S can withstand transportation in vehicles with rigid suspension as well as the harsh environmental conditions on land
and sea transport. (satisfies 2G requirement)
Standard: IEC60068-2-64
Display Input Waveform on a Large Screen
A large 12.1″ LCD for better visibility of measured data.
Horizontal and vertical waveform scroll is selectable for RA2800A and this function increases visibility.
Long-term HDD Recording
Long-term & high speed data recording direct to internal HDD/SSD.
Standard LAN & USB Ports
LAN (100BASE-TX) for data communication and USB for external storage devices (USB memories) are standard interfaces.
Computation · FFT Unit Equipped Standard
Perform four arithmetic operations, interval statistical calculation, function operation and FFT analysis.
RA2300MKII Exterior
Input Amplifiers
Item Model Description
2-CH High Resolution DC Amp. AP11-101 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D resulution: 16bit, Sampling 10μs
2-CH FFT Amp. AP11-102 Antialiasing filter: 72dB/OCT, with power supply for sensor
2-CH High Speed DC Amp. AP11-103 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D resulution: 12bit, Sampling 1μs
2-CH AC Strain Amp. *1 AP11-104A Frequency characteristic: 2KHz, Bridge voltage: 5KHz
Event Amp. AP11-105 Input: 8 logic (Voltage/Contact)
2-CH TC/DC Amp. *2 AP11-106A Input: R, T, J, K, W (±100mV to ±500V), A/D resolution: 15bit
2-CH TC/DC Amp. *2 AP11-107 Input: R, T, J, K (±100mV to ±50V), A/D resolution: 14bit
F/V Converter *2 AP11-108 Input: 1Hz to 10KHz
2-CH Vibration/RMS Amp. AP11-109 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, Sampling: 10μs, with power supply for sensor
2-CH DC Strain Amp. AP11-110 Input: 800με to 20Kμε (BV=5V), 2Kμε to 50Kμε (BV=2V)
2-CH Zero Sppression Amp. AP11-111 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D resulution: 16bit, Sampling 10μs
*1: AC bridge power supply (RA23-141) is required.
*2: AP11-106A, AP11-107 and AP11-108 do not comply with RoHS directive of CE.
Optional Interface Units
Item Model Description
Remote Unit RA23-144 With cale (0311-5251: 1.5m, I/O connector: 28pin, One side w/o connector
Event Unit RA23-145 Event Unit + Event Cable w/o connector (0311-5252)
Event Unit A RA23-145A Event Unit + Interconnecting cable for event (RA23-127)
RS-232C Unit RA23-142
AC Bridge Power Supply Unit RA23-143 It is required when using AP11-104A
Optional Software
Item Model Description
Unifizer NS3300 Applicable to Windows 7 (32bit)
Display 12.1 inch TFT color LCD (1024 x 768) with touch panel
Channel Number 16ch (8 slots) + 16 inputs logic (option)
Memory Capacity 2MW/ch (32MW when using 1ch)
Sampling Speed Max. 1μs (1MS/s)
  • Prinert Head: Thermal recording with thermal head
  • Chart Speed: 100mm/s to 1mm/min.
Recording Device HD: 160GB, SSD : 256GB (RA2300MKⅡ-S)
Applicable to external USB memory, HD and MO dirve using USB port
Interface Ethernet (100BASE-T), USB x 2 : standard
RS-232C : option
Measuring Mode
  • Memory Recorder: Recording high speed phenomenon to memory with trigger
  • HD Recorder: Recording input signals directly to internal HD or SSD
  • Pen Recorder: Recording input signals directry on chart paper
  • Multi-recorder: Recording on chart paper, HD and Memory simultaneously
  • X-Y Recorder: Displaying and recording the correlation of 2 signals with X-Y
Operation Environment Temperature 5 to 40℃, Humidity 35 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Power Supply 90 to 264V AC, 50 to 60Hz
Power Consumption 400VA or less (at maximum load condition)
Dimensions W400 (±2.0) x H171 (±2.0) x D337 (±2.0) mm without projection

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