Introduction of Electrical Diagnostic Technology and Charge Measurement System

A&D would like to introduce a new current integration charge quantity measurement method
for evaluating direct current insulation deterioration of electric fields and temperature.

Technical Document

Q(t) System

Electrical Diagnostic Technology and Charge Measurement System is expected to be widely applied in the following:

- Measurement technology for evaluating accumulated charge
- Evaluation and analysis of DC dielectric and insulating materials required for introducing renewable energy
- Evaluation and analysis of DC dielectric and insulating materials of electronic devices to support the diffusion of electric vehicles
- Evaluation and analysis of electret, polarization and charge accumulation characteristics

Technical document author: Tatsuo Takada Emeritus Professor Tokyo City University.
Emeritus Professor Tokyo Metropolitan University.
Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1939.
Major in electrical and communication engineering (high voltage engineering) at Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering.
Professor of Musashi Institute of Technology (currently - Tokyo City University), Professor Emeritus since 2006.
Doctor of Engineering Research primarily focused on charge phenomena in polymer dielectrics and electronic measurement technology for space charge distribution measurement 1981-83.
Visiting researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. In 1999, received the Whitehead Memorial Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), IEEE Life Fellow. Received Electricity Society Performance Award.
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* A&D designs, develops and sells the AD-9831 Space Charge Accumulation Evaluation Device for evaluating this measurement method.
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