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  A&D’s 30th anniversary ceremony
Reported by Masayuki Kogure, International Marketing Division

 A&D’s 30th anniversary ceremony was held in the grounds of the A&D Technical Center on June 1, 2007.Luckily, the sky cleared up and it turned out to be a mild day.

The attendees of the ceremony included all A&D head office employees, all regional sales office employees and those who have been temporarily working for Kensei Industry Co., Ltd., Litra Co., Ltd., and Orientec Co., Ltd., as well as management from our overseas subsidiaries and those who retired from A&D Co., Ltd. The total participants gathered exceeded 800 people.

 A wide variety of refreshments were available from stands managed by A&D staff and food and snacks from a catering company were also laid out, as well as draft beer on a first-come first-served basis.
   The ceremony began with an opening message just after 3pm.Following this, A&D Company President Mr. Furukawa gave a cerebration address from the ceremony stage.The event then continued with a commendation ceremony for the winners of the 30th anniversary logo mark and the PC screen-saver.

Then, Mr. Shoichi Sekine, chairman of the retired A&D Co., Ltd. employees group, proposed a toast (kanpai in Japanese).
   Then, a sacred Japanese traditional custom at cerebrations, Kagami-Biraki, which involves the breaking of the lid of a barrel of Japanese rice wine (sake), was performed on stage.  
   The conversation, eating and drinking continued to the end of the ceremony and it ended with everyone in happy spirits at 5:30 p.m.
You can see from the photos how enjoyable the ceremony was.
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