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  A&D Strengthens Support to Customers in China

A&D Company, Ltd. (A&D) has just established A&D Technology Trading (Shanghai), Co., Ltd. (ADTS), to respond to the increasing demand from our customers in China for our automotive related tools and material testing instruments.

A&D supplies a wide range of tools to the automotive industry.  These tools are necessary to conduct the advanced measurements, controls, analyses and simulations that are required for Digital Signal Processing (DSP).  As computer chips play an increasingly critical role in automobiles, especially as computers are used to determine automobile design and performance, the opportunities made possible by our DSP operations have become increasingly evident to many countries around the world. One country to take advantage of these new technologies is China.

We have invested in creating the infrastructure required to continuously develop DSP related tools and to continue to support our customers in Japan as we have done for the past ten years.  However, we cannot ignore the steady increase in demand that is occurring outside of Japan.  The response we received when we attended the recent   “Automotive Testing Expo Shanghai” reinforced our decision to establish an entity in China.  “We are very excited. We can’t wait any longer,” said Mr. Takehiko Ogata, who will serve as the President & CEO of ADTS.

An Experienced & Committed Staff
Although in terms of physical size it will have a humble beginning, we are sending experts to ADTS who are experienced in their respective fields.  Mr. Ogata, the first President & CEO of ADTS will bring more than 16 years of expertise to the sale of testing instruments and management.  The COO & Director,  Mr. Charles Halasz, has more than 14 years of experience in the sales and support of automotive engine test cells.  Mr. Akira Kono, the Sales & Marketing Manager for Testing Instruments, has five years of work experience at A&D Co., Ltd. and was instrumental in bringing A&D Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. into operation in China.  Mr. Yongjin Liu, the Manager for DSP Technical Support, has more than five years of experience supporting engine testing cells. Ms. Ren will provide administrative support.

At present, almost all of the support mechanisms for ADTS are up and running. ADTS will be a place where three languages—Chinese, English and Japanese—will be spoken everyday alongside various software languages that make possible advanced engine and material testing capabilities.
Liu Yonjing, Akira Kono and Ren standing at the entrance to the office.   Charles Halasz, Akira Kono and Ren standing at the entrance to the office.
  Facts about the Company:

A&D Technology Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (ADTS)

Company Name in Chinese: 愛安徳技研貿易(上海)有限公司

Established: ADTS was established on the 25th October, 2007, in the Pudong area of Shanghai, P.R. China
Office Address: Room 101, No. 1-Fu Hai Business Building, No. 289, Zhang Jiang Bi Sheng Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: (86)-21-3393-2340, Fax: (86)-21-3393-2347
Office Location: Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park (張江高科技園) : Map
  General Access:  
  Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is connected to Inner Ring Road and is located 3.6 km from Nanpu Bridge, 1.3 km from People’s Square and 9 km from the Waitan Business Area.  It can be accessed directly from the airport, harbor, railway station and commercial center of the city.  Longdong Avenue at the north of the park is the key road connecting Inner Ring Road and Shanghai Pudong International Airport.  Luonan Avenue at the west of the park is the artery connecting Inner Ring Road and Outer Ring Road.  
  From the Airport:  
  Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is 25 km from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and 21 km from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It can be reached from either airport by car within 20 minutes. It takes about 8 minutes by Maglev train from the airport to the Longyang Road station in Pudong on Subway Line 2.  The ADTS office is near Longyang Road station. Please call us from the station or take a taxi.  
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