Test and Measurement

Data Acquisition System Omniace RA2300MKⅡ/ RA2300MKⅡ-S
Data Acquisition System Omniace RA2300MKⅡ(-S)
Measurement by Anyone, Anywhere
The Omniace RA2300MKⅡ is an data acquisition system with easy-to-use recording and analyzing functions. The virtual amplifier setting screen, touch panel and large LCD dynamic waveform display shorten and simplify setup and measurement time. The Omniace is equipped with a variety of measurement modes including long-term recording on a 160 GB hard disk (HD) or 256 GB industrial solid state drive (SSD) and a memory mode capable of capturing high-speed phenomena with excellent reliability.

*Note on USB memory
USB devices with security features cannot be used due to issues regarding authentication processing.
PDF Brochure (2.76MB)
PDF Manual (10.2MB)
PDF Manual for Amplifier Units (1802KB)
PDF Manual for Communication Command (1755KB)
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Did you know?
If you need to record signals on paper, you need aChart Recorder.
If you look for a chart recorder, the best isOmniace.
Omniace isA&D.
The story of Omniace.
Sanei Instruments has manufactured Electromagnetic Oscillographic Recorders and Pen Oscillographic Recorders for 60 years.
Sanei developed the Omniace to print signals on thermal paper and has been valued by our customers for 30 years.
A&D acquired this technology and designed and released the new Omniace RA2300MKII.

Steel rolling and cold rolling control and monitoring of flaw detection data

Durability testing of structures

Railway vehicle testing

Omniace Omniace Omniace
On the production line long-term measurement data can be saved to a file and waveforms can be checked on recording paper on the spot Display and record the correlation between two physical quantities such as displacement and load in creep tests (measuring the change in displacement when a specific load is applied) or tensile compression tests (applying a compression or tensile load to a material) Measure strain, oil pressure, atmospheric pressure and acceleration in P/Q measurement and brake performance tests

Maintenance and inspection of air conditioning equipment and distribution boards

Relay tests in substation equipment

Omniace Omniace
Measure the operation timing of control relays, changes in temperature and pressure and current/voltage changes in main power systems Measure 3-phase signals and trip signals in relay tests for ground faults and short circuits

  • Highly resilient corner pad
    Excellent vibration resistance for environments with heavy vibrations
  • Similar dimensions to the RA2300A (including protrusions)
    Designed for embedding and installation
  • Strong and rugged handle
    Easier to carry with large rounded grip
  • Ash black system control panel
    Dirt and debris from the field doesn’t stand out on the dark control panel
RA2300MKII Exterior
RA2300MKII Exterior
Measure with high accuracy in noisy environments
  • Proprietary floating circuit provides excellent anti-noise protection in strong magnetic fields
    Ideal for constructing systems that isolate the power supply and account for differences in ground potential
  • Widely used in many industries

Our noise-resistance technology was developed with input from our customers in the railroad, aerospace, construction, civil engineering and steel market.
RA2300MKII Exterior
Simply and friendly user experience
Easy setup and confirmation
  • Operation panel design with physical buttons for essential functions
  • Configure detailed settings with touch panel
  • Customizable realistic pen recorder mode

  • Waveform display always available
  • Waveforms display during configuration to allow for precision adjustments.
RA2300MKII Exterior
RA2300MKII Exterior
Compatible with Omniace RA2300A accessories
The new MKII can use 11 input amplifiers as well as communication units, AC bridge power supplies, recording paper and storage box designed for the older model. RA2300MKII Exterior
Measurement in the field
  • Dynamic waveform display
    12.1 inch LCD dynamically displays waveforms across 16 channels. Numerical display and waveform division can be configured by application.
  • Enhanced usability
    Shorten setup time with virtual amplifier setup screen and AUTO button
  • Direct input sensors
    Directly input voltage, strain, temperature, vibration, pressure or rotational pulse signal with 11 types sensors inherited from the RA1000 and RA2000 series.
Measurement modes
  • Pen recorder mode
    Pen recorder mode is used to output data to chart paper directly. This mode shows pen-written waveforms on the screen. Amplifiers and chart speed can be set similar to a chart recorder.
  • Paper feed speed: 100 mm/s to 1 mm/min
  • Recording resolution (time axis): 20 to 80 dots/mm
  • Recording resolution (amplitude axis): 8 dots/mm
  • HD recorder mode
    HD recorder mode saves data to a 160 GB HD or 256 GB SSD for long term storage. One microsecond sampling is possible when only 1 channel is used. When all 16 channels are used data can be recorded every 10 µs.
  • Continuous recording
    Data is recorded to two gigabyte chunks. When more than two gigabytes is recorded another chunk is created and recording continues. Previously recorded data can be viewed during measurement. Moreover, this also limits damage caused by file corruption caused by power outages, etc. during recording.
  • Sample data and peak data
    The Omniace is a digital recorder that converts analog input signals for storage as digital data. Error is introduced to the recorded data due to the relationship between the speed of this AD conversion and the frequency component of the input signal.
    When the Omniace records an input signal, it is possible to record high frequency noise independent of the print speed. Additionally with the HD recorder, data can be stored to a hard disk for analysis.
    • Sample data
      With this method, raw data is faithfully recorded at the designated recording speed (every 10 ms in this example).
    • RA2300MKII Exterior
    • Peak data
      Sampling is performed at the maximum sampling speed over the set recording interval (10 ms in the example) and the maximum and minimum values are recorded. This allows compression of data without losing peak values. However, peak data requires twice the recording capacity of the sample data method.
    • RA2300MKII Exterior
  • Data looping
    Data can be looped endlessly when recording over uncertain timeframes with unpredictable anomalies. With this function the most recent data is always stored to the hard drive.
  • Reduce recording paper costs
    Two gigabytes can hold two-hundred and nine 30 m recording paper rolls.
  • Memory recorder
    Record data at high speeds (up to 1μs) to internal memory (2 mW/ch). Memory from unused channels can be used for up to 32mW recording on one channel. Additionally, various measurement conditions can be set with trigger functions.
    Data input to memory can be output to recording paper or other storage device.
  • Sample rate: 1 μs to 100 s (depends on the input device)
  • Memory capacity: 2 megawords/ch
  • Memory divisions: 1-128
  • Recording operations
    By partitioning the memory block, it is possible to repeat multiple recordings.
    • One time
      Data is recorded until a single partition is full. ※Full use of recordable time on partition
    • Repeated
      Data is recorded until all partitions are full.
    • Endless
      After recording data over all memory blocks, data is overwritten from the beginning. Recording ends with the stop key.
  • Pre-trigger functions
    • Trigger modes
      • OR - Recording begins when any trigger conditions are true
      • AND - Recording begins when all trigger conditions are true
      • WINDOW - Recording begins when the signal level of the specified channel falls within the set range (IN) or when it deviates from the range (OUT).
    • Pre-trigger (only in memory recorder mode)
      With this function a trigger point is set as a boundary and data leading up to the trigger point can also be recorded. Data can be recorded before and after the trigger point which is set as a percentage of the full memory capacity of the block. The example shows the pre-trigger set to 25%. In this case data before the trigger event will be saved to 25% of the memory capacity of the block.
  • Multi-recorder mode
    Multi-recorder mode enables simultaneous recording to paper output, hard drive and memory.
    It is possible to record sudden phenomenon to the memory while recording on the chart paper or to the HDD or SSD.
  • RA2300MKII Exterior
  • X-Y Recorder
    This mode records input signals from selected channels on an X-Y chart (X-axis: 1 channel, Y-axis: 3 channels). Output can be printed to chart paper at high resolution (1600 dot x 1600 dot).
Replay Display Function
  • Search large amounts of data quickly
    The RA2300 MKII is equipped with functions to search large amounts of data quickly.
  • Thumbnail bar
    The waveform image of the recorded data for one selected channel can be displayed on the thumbnail bar. This data is easy to read and can be expanded by touching the point you want to see in greater detail.
  • RA2300MKII Exterior
  • Jump search
    The four methods below can be used to search data.
    • Time - Jump to a specific time.
    • Address - Jump to a time from the start of measurement.
    • Significant point - Jump to the maximum and minimum values.
    • Event - Jump to the marks made during recording.
    • RA2300MKII Exterior
  • Numeric display of waveforms
    Scale, signal name, numerical value and/or time interval can be displayed for waveforms between the 2 cursors on the replay monitor. RA2300MKII Exterior
Useful features
  • Shutdown
    Memory data and measurement conditions are automatically saved to the hard drive when the device is turned off. This information is automatically loaded from the hard drive the next time the device is started so measurement can begin with the same settings.
  • Easy setup
    Up to 4 measurement conditions can be saved. Measurement conditions can be saved for each test, eliminating the need to make complicated configurations each time.
    RA2300MKII Exterior
  • Timer
    Automated measurements are performed at specified times and intervals. RA2300MKII Exterior
  • CSV file conversion
    The RA2300MKII can output files in CSV format for processing measurement data with spreadsheet or analysis software. It is equipped with functions to reduce measurement data size or convert large amounts of measurement data at once.
Connecting PCs or peripherals
  • PC connection
    The RA2300 can be controlled remotely via Ethernet connection to a PC. You can use Unifizer NS3300 (optional software) to record data, configure settings and start recording. RA2300MKII Exterior
  • Sharing files with a PC
    File sharing with a PC via Ethernet is possible. You can transfer the recorded data to your PC. RA2300MKII Exterior
  • High-capacity data storage
    File sharing with a PC via Ethernet is possible. You can transfer the recorded data from your PC.
  • Measures against power failure during long-term recording
    When the RS2300MKII is connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the shutdown procedure will be performed automatically during a power failure. If a power outage occurs during long term recording, the recording operation can be terminated by a signal from UPS and the RA2300MKII can be turned off.
    ※Optional RS232C unit or remote unit is required
High speed, high density recording
High speed (100 mm/s) and high density (80 dot/mm at 25 mm/s) recording is possible. Easily change the division of the waveform record and the width of the recording area, etc.
  • Paper feed speed: 100 mm/s to 1 mm/min
  • Recording resolution: 10 to 80 dots/mm (time axis), 8 dots/mm (voltage axis)
RA2300MKII Exterior
  • Layout on recording paper
RA2300MKII Exterior
  • Event Signal Display
RA2300MKII Exterior
  1. Recording position
    Specifies the position of event waveform of signal No. 8.
  2. Pitch between signals
    Specifies interval between the waveforms of all 8 signals. The positions of signal 1 to 8 are allocated in upper side with the interval specified with the pitch between signals. *Setting range: 2.0~25.0 mm
  3. Signal amplitude
    Specifies the height of waveform amplitude of all 8 signals. *Setting range: 2.0~25.0 mm
  4. Base line width
    Specifies the line thickness at the high position. *Setting range: 0.5~2.0 mm
Arithmetic Operation FFT unit (RA23-751)
This unit performs arithmetic processing (interval statistic calculation, function calculation, FFT analysis) on the data stored in memory, HDD or SSD and displays the results in table, time axis waveform or frequency formats.
Experiments that required a data recorder for measurement and analyzer for analysis can be done with the Omniace alone.
  • Flow chart of arithmetic operations and FFT unit functions RA2300MKII Exterior
Input Amplifiers
Item Model Description
2-CH High Resolution DC Amp. AP11-101 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D resulution: 16bit, Sampling 10μs
2-CH FFT Amp. AP11-102 Antialiasing filter: 72dB/OCT, with power supply for sensor
2-CH High Speed DC Amp. AP11-103 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D resulution: 12bit, Sampling 1μs
2-CH AC Strain Amp. *1 AP11-104A Frequency characteristic: 2KHz, Bridge voltage: 5KHz
Event Amp. AP11-105 Input: 8 logic (Voltage/Contact)
2-CH TC/DC Amp. *2 AP11-106A Input: R, T, J, K, W (±100mV to ±500V), A/D resolution: 15bit
2-CH TC/DC Amp. *2 AP11-107 Input: R, T, J, K (±100mV to ±50V), A/D resolution: 14bit
F/V Converter *2 AP11-108 Input: 1Hz to 10KHz
2-CH Vibration/RMS Amp. AP11-109 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, Sampling: 10μs, with power supply for sensor
2-CH DC Strain Amp. AP11-110 Input: 800με to 20Kμε (BV=5V), 2Kμε to 50Kμε (BV=2V)
2-CH Zero Sppression Amp. AP11-111 Input: ±100mV to ±500V, A/D resulution: 16bit, Sampling 10μs
*1: AC bridge power supply (RA23-141) is required.
*2: AP11-106A, AP11-107 and AP11-108 do not comply with RoHS directive of CE.
Optional Interface Units
Item Model Description
Remote Unit RA23-144 With cale (0311-5251: 1.5m, I/O connector: 28pin, One side w/o connector
Event Unit RA23-145 Event Unit + Event Cable w/o connector (0311-5252)
Event Unit A RA23-145A Event Unit + Interconnecting cable for event (RA23-127)
RS-232C Unit RA23-142
AC Bridge Power Supply Unit RA23-143 It is required when using AP11-104A
Optional Software
Item Model Description
Unifizer NS3300 Applicable to Windows 7 (32bit)
Display 12.1 inch TFT color LCD (1024 x 768) with touch panel
Channel Number 16ch (8 slots) + 16 inputs logic (option)
Memory Capacity 2MW/ch (32MW when using 1ch)
Sampling Speed Max. 1μs (1MS/s)
  • Prinert Head: Thermal recording with thermal head
  • Chart Speed: 100mm/s to 1mm/min.
Recording Device HD: 160GB, SSD : 256GB (RA2300MKⅡ-S)
Applicable to external USB memory, HD and MO dirve using USB port
Interface Ethernet (100BASE-T), USB x 2 : standard
RS-232C : option
Measuring Mode
  • Memory Recorder: Recording high speed phenomenon to memory with trigger
  • HD Recorder: Recording input signals directly to internal HD or SSD
  • Pen Recorder: Recording input signals directry on chart paper
  • Multi-recorder: Recording on chart paper, HD and Memory simultaneously
  • X-Y Recorder: Displaying and recording the correlation of 2 signals with X-Y
Operation Environment Temperature 5 to 40℃, Humidity 35 to 80%RH (no condensation)
Power Supply 90 to 264V AC, 50 to 60Hz
Power Consumption 400VA or less (at maximum load condition)
Dimensions W400 (±2.0) x H171 (±2.0) x D337 (±2.0) mm without projection

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