UC-321P Series
Precision Personal Health Scale
This low profile precision scale can automatically store 31 weight measurements to be either automatically or manually uploaded to a PC. Our new "smart sensor" for superior weight control can detect tiny 50 g increments. We provide a free Weight Diary (WindowsTM software) to help you plan a healthier lifestyle.
PDF Brochure (PDF 123KB)
PDF UC-321P instruction manual (PDF 491KB)
PDF UC-321PL instruction manual (PDF 356KB)
PDF Weight Diary Chart download
Weight Diary PC software
Standard uni-directional RS-232C
UC-321P: 50 g resolution / Maximum capacity of 150 kg
UC-321PL: 100 g resolution / Maximum capacity of 200 kg
Target weight setting (UC-321P only)
Built-in 31-measurement memory function (UC-321P only)
BMI standard calculation (UC-321P only)
Ultra low profile (35 mm)
The UC-321P is a precision personal health scale capable of accurately displaying changes in body weight, as small as a 50 g (UC-321PL: 100 g), and sending the data to your PC for you to view and record. With the provided connector and software, and your PC switched on, the UC-321P automatically sends your weight data to your PC. The UC-321P is the only personal health scale capable of meaningful measurements and with its PC connectivity you can also keep track of your own; and your family's weight history. For those who want the best, the combination of the UC-321P and its Weight Diary software has no rival.
No other weight scale for home use matches its 50 g resolution and graphic interactivity via PC. We suggest that you store and view your weight if you are:
a citizen-athlete trying to maintain your ideal weight as accurately as possible
trying to lose weight for better health (your doctor recommends that you lose weight)
in pre- or post-natal state and wish to monitor weight fluctuations
a diabetes patient trying to keep your weight within a certain range between treatments
worried about overfeeding your dog
interested in buying the best health scale; for life
The UC-321P package includes everything you need:
Insert the included batteries and the unit is ready to use. Place it in the bathroom as is or in a safe place next to your PC. Weighing only 2.7 kg, the unit can easily be carried from room to room.
Ultra-simple plug-and-use PC connection:
The easy-to-follow instructions allow even a novice to set up the scale in minutes.
Exclusive Weight Diary software:
The interactive software lets you input your personal data, and attractive graphics display the changes in your weight.
Developed using real-life conditions:
No matter to what standard a product is manufactured, the performance it provides to the consumer will always be judged by its usefulness. The UC321P was developed in consultation with Mari Tanigawa, a Japanese marathon runner, ensuring that its development engineers understood the demands of someone who wanted to monitor their weight.

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