UA-767 Plus
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
With the utmost confidence and pride we introduce our newest medical product, the UA-767 Plus, a new generation automaticUpper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. The UA-767 Plus is designed to enhance our current model of UA-767; clinically proven and one of the world's most reliable Blood Pressure monitors.
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Clinical Validation
Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicator
Blood pressure classification indicator
Last reading recall
Extra large 3-line display for an easier read
One-touch measurement
SlimFit comfortable cuff
UA-767 Plus is equipped with following “Plus” features for you to benefits from for Daily Home-Monitoring.Irregular Heartbeat (IHB) Indicator
Lights after IHB was detected during the measurement. Informs you of an irregular heartbeat, which may cause cardiovascular disease. (Note: This is for warning purposes only and not to diagnose. A&D recommends contacting a physician if the user sees this indicator light frequently)
Blood Pressure Classification Indicator
World Health Organization (WHO) classifies blood pressure ranges into 6 stages. UA-767Plus indicates your position (Optimal to Severe hypertension) automatically after each measurement is complete. Two symbols are shown simultaneously; one is for your last reading and other from averaged data stored in the unit.
Last Reading Recall
UA-767Plus indicates your previous reading on the LCD display when the START button is pressed.
Extra Large 3-line Display
Easy to read 3-line display shows all the measurement(systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse rate) simultaneously.
Larger numbers are easier on the eyes.
One-touch Measurement
Pressing the START button completes all the steps for a blood pressure measurement, for simple and accurate operation.
"SlimFit" Comfortable Cuff
A new innovative edge free internal bladder “EFB” promises even pressure on the arm during the measurement. This provides the user with a higher level of comfort while the arm is under pressure.
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