UB-543   Correct position guidance
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
The UB-543 is an upgraded model with the new function of "Correct Position Guidance" and an upgraded memory for 2 person use (60 x 2). Once the user has settled upon their body position for blood pressure measurement, the UB-543 will detect the user's wrist position and guide the user to an appropriate level with blue and orange signals. Two independent memories (60 x 2) will help record data for two people, divide morning and evening results, or divide results prior and after starting a course of medicine.
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English French Spanish Italian Chinese
Clinical Validation
Correct position guidance for accurate measurement
Extra-large LCD display
Ultra slim design
Fast measurement along with inflation
Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator
Blood pressure classification indicator
Clock & calendar
2 user memory (60 x 2) + average reading (AM/PM/ALL)

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