Optical Communication Adapter
AD-1611 Optical Communication Adapter
Enables safe data output from an explosion-protected balance/scale installed in an EX-hazardous area
PDF Manual (PDF 230KB)
Receives optical data from a balance/scale with an optical connector (e.g. EK-AEP series) and transmits electric signals to an     external device such as a printer or PC through RS-232C or USB*1
Three optical fiber cable lengths (10 m, 30 m, and 60 m) available to match the distance between the balance/scale and the AD-1611
Requires no AC adapter for power supply when connected to a PC via USB*2

*1 The communication is unidirectional and the AD-1611 cannot transmit commands from the external device/PC to the balance/scale. The AD-1611 itself isn't explosion-protected.
*2 Only a PC can be connected to the USB port of the AD-1611. A USB cable (type B male - type A male, 1 m) is provided as standard.
AX-KS5456-010:   Optical fiber cable (10 m)
AX-KS5456-030:   Optical fiber cable (30 m)
AX-KS5456-060:   Optical fiber cable (60 m)

Power supply AC adapter or USB
Operating temperature −10 to 40 ˚C/32 to 104 ˚F, 85% RH or less (no condensation)
Baud rate According to the value set on the balance
Receiving connector F05 (IEC 60874-17, F05 type)
Sending connector RS-232C (D-Sub 9 pin) or USB (type B)
Optical transmission distance Max. 60 m (no extension available)
Dimensions 160 (W) × 58 (D) × 38 (H) mm
Net weight (main unit only) Approx. 380 g
Standard accessories AC adapter, USB cable

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