RS-232C / Ethernet (TCP/IP) Converter
AD-8526 RS-232C/Ethernet (TCP/IP) Converter    The AD-8526 can connect the RS-232C interface of an A&D weighing
   instrument to the Ethernet (LAN) port of a computer that is not equipped
   with an RS-232C interface.
   PDF Manual (PDF 292KB)
Possible to manage weighing data using a network
Possible to control the weighing instrument from the connected computer
Comes with the WinCT-Plus software, by which the user can collect data from and send commands to multiple
   weighing instruments
Comes with a connection cable*

    * Please specify the connection cable type or the weighing instrument to be connected when ordering (see the required
      accessories table below). If not specified, a D-Sub 25-pin to D-Sub 9-pin cable (AX-KO1710-200) will be provided.
Operating environment -10 ˚C to 40 ˚C (14 ˚F to 104 ˚F)
Power consumption Approx. 11 VA (supplied to the AC adapter)
Dimensions 113 × 60 × 38 mm
Net weight Approx. 250 g
Standard accessories AC adapter, RS-232C cable (2 m), WinCT-Plus (CD-ROM)
Accessories required to connect to the AD-8526
Weighing instrument Interface option for the instrument Communication cable (2 m)
AD-4212A, AD-4212B, GR, HR
None (D-sub 25-pin, standard accessory) AX-KO1710-200
EK-i, EW-i, FC-i, FC-Si, HR-i None (D-sub 9-pin, standard accessory) AX-KO2466-200
EK-G, EK-H, ET-W, EW-G OP-03 (D-sub 25-pin) AX-KO1710-200
HV-G, HV-WP, HW-G, HW-WP, HW-G None (Din 7-pin, standard accessory) AX-KO1786-200
FG, HC-i OP-03 (Din 7-pin) AX-KO1786-200
FS, FS-KL OP-03 (Din 8-pin) AX-KO1786-200
FG-L, FG-M OP-23 (Din 8-pin) AX-KO1786-200
AD-4322A OP-04 (D-sub 25-pin) AX-KO1710-200
AD-4405 None (D-sub 9-pin) AX-KO2466-200
AD-4410 None (D-sub 9-pin, standard accessory) AX-KO2466-200
Please use the Ethernet interface option GH-08 for the GH Series, FXi-08 for the FZ-i / FX-i, FZ-iWP / FX-iWP,
and FZ-CT / FX-CT Series, and AD-4212A-08 for the AD-4212A / AD-4212B Series.

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