Quick USB Adapter
AD-8527 Quick USB Adapter
The AD-8527 transfers weighing data to a PC in real time via an RS-232C connection with a weighing instrument and a USB connection with a PC.
This enables a PC without COM ports to receive data.
PDF Brochure (PDF 333KB)
PDF Manual (PDF316KB)
To change the internal settings of the AD-8527, please download the AD-8527
Setting Tool:
PDF Readme (PDF 27KB)  (Please read before downloading the software.)
Download the AD-8527 Setting Tool (ZIP file 40KB).
Data transmission to any application such as Excel, Word, and Notepad
No driver software required
Internal clock to transfer the date and time at the same time
Pocket size of 55 × 103 × 16.5 mm
IP65 (with the casing cover)
No battery required
Clock error ±1 minute / month
Compatible OS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Dedicated power supply Not required. Power is supplied by the weighing instrument or PC.
Operating environment 5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F), 85 %RH or less (no condensation)
Dimensions 55 × 103 ×16.5 mm
Weight Approx. 60 g
Standard accessories USB extension cable (0.5 m)*, Three RS-232C cables (1 m)
* If the AD-8527 is not detected by your PC
Depending on your type of PC, if a USB extension cable is used, the signal may weaken and not be detected by the computer.
Please either connect the AD-8527 directly to your PC without using a USB extension cable, or connect the AD-8527 to your computer using an off-the-shelf USB hub.
Compatible Devices (Operation Confirmed)
Category Product Operation RS-232C
Balance AD-4212A/B OK 25 pins
AD-4212C A gender changer is required. 9 pins
EK-i OK 9 pins
EK-H OK 25 pins
FX-i OK 9 pins
GH OK 9 pins
GP OK 25 pins
GR OK 25 pins
GX/GF OK 25 pins
GX-K/GF-K OK 25 pins
HR-i OK 9 pins
HR OK 25 pins
Moisture Analyzer MS/MX/MF/ML OK 25 pins
Viscometer SV OK 25 pins
Counting Scale HC-i OK DIN
FC-i/FC-Si OK 9 pins
Platform Scale FS-i A gender changer is required. Dedicated cable
FG-M/L Only when used with AC adapter DIN
HV-G/HW-G For the VFD type (KGV) only DIN
SC/SE A gender changer is required. Dedicated cable
SW A gender changer is required. Dedicated cable
Weighing Indicator AD-4402 OK 25 pins
AD-4405 OK 9 pins
AD-4406 OK 9 pins
  *Operation with devices made by manufacturers other than A&D is not guaranteed.

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