Remote Display
AD-8920A Remote Display
Ideally suited for using a balance over the counter!
PDF Manual (PDF 283KB)
Connects to A&D’s balances and scales using either RS-232C or current loop
Includes an AC adapter and a communication cable that matches your instrument
Recognizes the balance/scale baud setting automatically
Large and bright VFD display
AX-KO3412-05M Communication cable (D-SUB9, 5 m)
AX-KO3412-10M Communication cable (D-SUB9, 10 m)
AX-KO1864-05M Communication cable (D-SUB25, 5 m)
AX-KO1864-10M Communication cable (D-SUB25, 10 m)
AX-KO3413-05M Communication cable (DIN, 5 m)
AX-KO3413-10M Communication cable (DIN, 10 m)
Power consumption Approx. 5VA supplied by the AC adapter (Approx. 8VDC, at approx. 0.2ADC supplied to the AD-8920A)
Display 7-digit VFD, Character height 13 mm
Signal RS-232C / Current loop (ACTIVE)
Baud rate 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 bps (Automatic recognition)
Length, Parity bit 7 bits-even, 7 bits-odd, 8 bits-none
Stop bits 1 bit or 2 bits
Terminator <CR> or <CR><LF>
Display refresh rate Approx. 20 times/second (when baud rate is 4800 bps or greater)*1
Input connector Modular jack
Communication cable Approx. 1 m*2
Dimensions 128 (W) × 102 (H) × 76 (D) mm
Net weight Approx. 230 g *3

*1With the condition that the weighing instrument transmits data 20 times per second.
*2A special cable of approx. 5 m or 10 m is available.
*3Excluding the AC adapter and communication cable

Applicable Instruments, Required Options and Cables
Weighing instrument Using RS-232C Using current loop
Option  required Communication cable Option  required Communication cable
AD-4212A/B None D-SUB25 cable Not applicable
EK-H, EK-HR OP-03H D-SUB25 cable OP-05H DIN cable
EK-i, EW-i None D-SUB9 cable Not applicable
ET-W, ET-WR OP-03W D-SUB25 cable OP-05W DIN cable
FC-i None D-SUB9 cable Not applicable
FG OP-03 DIN cable OP-05 DIN cable
FG-M/L OP-23 DIN cable Not applicable
FS OP-03 DIN cable Not applicable
FX-i, FX-CT, FX-GD,FXi-WP, FZ-i None D-SUB9 cable Not applicable
GH, HR-300i/202i None D-SUB9 cable Not applicable
GR None D-SUB25 cable Not applicable
GX, GX-R, GF,GX-K, GX-KR, GF-K, GP, GP-R None D-SUB25 cable OP-04orOP-06 DIN cable
HC-i OP-03 DIN cable Not applicable
HR-200/120/60 OP-03 D-SUB25 cable OP-03 or OP-05 DIN cable
HV-G/HW-G None DIN cable Not applicable

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