Remote Controller (CC-Link)
AD-8923-CC Remote Controller for the AD-4212C Series (CC-Link)
  The AD-8923-CC is a remote controller ideally suited for the AD-4212C series
  that can transmit weighing data to a PLC using CC-Link, in addition to displaying
  the weighing data, setting the weighing speed, and performing calibration.
       PDF Manual for AD-8923-CC (PDF 1.7MB)
       PDF Manual for AD-8923-BCD (PDF 350KB)
CC-Link as a standard I/O, enabling simple wiring and reliable communication
Easy to build up a production line weighing system in combination with the AD-4212C weighing sensor
Connection of up to 41 weighing sensors to a network
Compact size to fit into a narrow space
Possible to receive power from the connected weighing sensor (and vice versa)
The AD-8923-BCD, which has a BCD as a standard I/O, is also available
AD-8529PC-W : Bluetooth converter for PC
AD-8529PR-W : Bluetooth converter for printer
Power supply DC 24V or AC adapter
Transmission system RS-232C, CC-Link (CC-Link Ver. 1.10 remote device station)
Communication connector D-Sub 9-pin (male) RS-232C connector to the weighing instrument
5-pin (male) CC-Link connector*
External dimensions 144 (W) × 110 (D) × 72 (H) mm
Net weight Approx. 1.0 kg
Standard accessories CC-Link plug × 1 pc, connector operation lever × 1 pc, AC adapter × 1 pc
* Half-pitch 50-pin (female) BCD connector for the AD-8923-BCD

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