Foot Switches for Balances/Scales
Foot switches  
Allows you to Print or Re-Zero without using your hands
Useful when it is difficult or undesirable to press a key directly on the balance/scale. For example,
Both of your hands are full.
The balance/scale is used in a glove box.
You don't want to tilt or cause any tremor to a highly-sensitive balance, such as the BM-20/22 microbalance.
Target balances/scales
AX-SW128* GX / GX-K / GF / GF-K / GP / MC
AX-SW-137-PRINT / AX-SW-137-REZERO FC-i / BM / GH / GR / HR-i
* AX-HDB-25P/CTF external input connector (sold separately) is required.

Please inquire for other balances/scales or if you would like to connect two foot switches to perform both Print and Re-Zero.
Separately-sold accessories
AX-KO2248-400 : RS-232C 9P-25P cable with Print/Re-Zero (to connect a foot switch and a PC to a balance with a 25-pin interface)
AX-HDB-25P/CTF : External input connector (to connect a foot switch to a balance with a 25-pin interface)

AX-KO2248-400 AX-HDB-25P/CTF

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