WinCT-UFC (Freeware)
This software, “Windows Communication Tools for UFC” (“WinCT-UFC”), serves as the Windows setting tools for editing on a PC the UFC Output Format output from an A&D weighing instrument equipped with the UFC function and for storing it on the weighing instrument.
Features of WinCT-UFC (Ver.2.20)

  • There are two kinds of modes that can be selected according to the type of printer connected to the weighing instrument: Dump Print Mode and Barcode Label Print Mode.
    ・ Dump Print Mode is for editing formats suitable for outputting to the printer for balances/scales
    (AD-8127) or a PC.
    (Note: When printing to an AD-8127 printer, set the printer to the dump printing mode.)
    ・ Barcode Label Print Mode is for editing commands for outputting barcode labels to a label printer compatible with Zebra Programming Language ZPL®/ZPL II®.
    Three types of one-dimensional/two-dimensional barcodes (QR code®, Data Matrix code and Code 39) can be printed.
  • UFC Output Format can be easily created by specifying desired data (weight values, date, etc.) and also by entering desired text (such as the name of an item) for printing.
  • Editing and adjusting formats can be done effortlessly on a PC screen thanks to the Preview Screen, which displays the UFC Output Format to be output from the weighing instrument.
  • UFC Setting Commands can be automatically generated from the edited format and can be transmitted to and stored on the weighing instrument. Data received from the weighing instrument can be displayed on the PC screen.
  • The contents of the edited UFC Output Format, UFC Setting Commands and data received from the weighing instrument can be saved as and read to a CSV or TXT file. Printing to a printer from the PC is also possible.
*ZPL and ZPL II are registered trademarks of ZIH Corp.
*QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.
WinCT-UFC can be used with the following A&D weighing instruments equipped with the UFC function. (As of September 2019)
* For the touch screen software version 1.018 or later
For Windows 7 or later versions, please use WinCT-UFC Ver.2.20
File size: 3.6MB approx.

PDF Instruction manual (PDF 1.4MB)
PDF Setup manual (PDF 341KB)

For Windows XP or earlier versions, please use WinCT-UFC Ver.1.00
File size: 1.8MB approx.

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