Test and Measurement

EFM-III Series
friction and wear tester
Friction and Wear Tester for Tribology Evaluation
Standard type
High Durability type
High Torque /high speed type
High Torque / high speed type
with speed ranges
Pressure Load Ranges
(Spring Pressure)
14.3N~5000N 26.5N~5000N
Max. revolution Torque 300N-cm 1000N-cm
Friction Force Ranges 2~300N-cm 25~1000N-cm
Sliding Speed Ranges 0.01~2,
4~400 cm/sec 5~1000 cm/sec 0.001~0.1,0.1~10,
Number of Speed Range 2 1 3
Max. Continuous Operation Time 200h 1000h 200h
Driving Motor AC Servo Motor AC Spindle Motor AC Servo Motor. AC Spindle Motor
Applicable Specimen Ring, Disk, Pin, Ball
Control Timer, Max 99h
Safety Device (Automatic Stop) Automatic Stop at Overload friction force
Measurable Temperature Range 0~ + 400 degree Celsius
Recorder Type 2-Pen type (Load, Friction Force) 4-pen type
(Load, Friction Force, sample Temperature)
Load cell for friction force 20N
Load cell for pressure load 5000N, 1000N, 100N
Power Sources 200V AC, 3F,50/60Hz
Power Consumption 2.5kVA MAX 5kVA MAX 14kVA MAX
Dimension of the Main Unit 630(W) x 730 (D) x 1600 (H) 1080(W) x 1000 (D) x 2000 (H)
Dimension of the Control Console - 630(W) x 730 (D) x 1600 (H)
Weight of the Main Unit (about kg) 350 950 (Main Unit), 200 (Control Unit)
Oil bath About 250 cc
Heating type oil bath Rt ~ +100 degree celesius, about 800 cc
Heating Furnace Rt ~ +300 degree celesius
High-temprature chamber Rt ~ +200 degree celesius
High/low temprature chamber -50 ~ +200 degree celesius
Test-piece attachment For disk, for pin
Recoder (3 pen) Pressure load, friction force, temprature -
Pseudo wearing amount measurment device 0 - 5 mm

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