Test and Measurement

Rigid-body Pendulum Type Physical Properties Testing Instrument
RPT-3000W is the high accurate instrument for
analysis of curing behavior from liquid to solid
state and for practical evaluation of
physical property.
Coating and Adhesives -Curing temperature and curing time
-Curability applied by curing agent and physical properties
-Designing data for painting line
-Quality evaluation for coated film and thin film
-Absorption and lotions
Cosmetic and Medical -Drying characteristics and surface physical properties of nail polish
-Drying behavior, adhesive behavior and elastic behavior of cosmetic pack and adhesive agent
-Lubrications and lotions
Food -Gelling behavior and physical properties of gelatin and agar
-Functional and quantitative evaluation
Textiles -Physical properties
-Fabric handling
Plastics -Surface physical properties
-Film Physical properties
-For evaluation of surface and internal physical hard coat curing process
Ink -Physical properties of ink on item to be printed
-Transcribing behavior to roller
Electronics and Electricity -For evaluation of conductivity paste curing process
-For evaluation of low melting solder melting and set process
-For evaluation of printed circuit board curing process and physical properties
Others -Concrete and asphaltic materials

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