Test and Measurement

SV Series SeriesSine-wave Vibro Viscometer
Viscometery Revolution !
Measument Principle for SV series
The SV series has of 2 thin sensor plates that are driven with electromagnetic force at the same frequency by vibrating at constant sine-wave vibration in reverse phase like a tuning- fork.

The electromagnetic drive controls the vibration of the sensor plates to keep in constant amplitude. The driving electric current, which is exciting force, will be detected as the magnitude of viscidity produced between the sensor plates and the sample fluid.
Sensor Unit
Corrosive-resistant gold-plate sensor plate and temperature sensor.

It is very important to measure the temperature of the fluid correctly because the viscosity is very much dependent upon the temperature of the fluid. SV series can detect accurate temperature immediately because the fluid and the detection unit (sensor plates) with small surface area/thermal capacity reach the thermal equilibrium in only a few seconds.

SV series, Tuning-fork Vibration Method does not cause damage to the sample fluid and allows measurement of cloud point of samples such as surface active agents and of surface/interface changes such as wettability because of its excellent feature for wide measurement range without the need to replace the sensor plates.
Display Unit
You can avoid unnecessary reading errors with easy-to-read, large, clear display: 13mm height for viscosity measurement and 11mm height for temperature measurement.
WinCT-Viscosity (RsVisco) is software to import the measurements of viscosity and temperature from SV series to a PC automatically and display the measurement result by graph on real-time basis. The scaling function and the logarithm display is selectable in the function.
Saving the measurement data by “CSV” file and opening it with the WinCT-Viscosity is very easy and convenient for your analysis of your sample fluid viscosity
Water Jacket
Our water jacket (AX-SV-37) (sold separately) used in conjunction with a commercially available constant heat water tank to heat the circulating system, ensures that the sample remains at a constant temperature and that the temperature can be changed for viscosity measurement.

(A small sample container AX-SV-34 and a glass container AX-SV-35 are available, sold separately.)

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