A multitude of Weighing System applications can be achieved
AD-4407 Stainless Steel Enclosure to meet IP65 Dust & Waterproof standards for weighing applications in demanding environments
PDFBrochure (PDF 900KB)
PDFManual (PDF 1.5MB)
Bright green VFD 20mm (height) display
Bracket standard
10 keys for preset tare and units weighing setting etc
Counting function
Universal Flexi Coms
UFC allows you to customize the protocol of the printing format as well as outputting the data with RS-232C
Multi interval
2 weighing ranges selectable
Accumulation Function
Accumulative data is stored into memory automatically or manually
Comparator Function Upper/Lower, HiHi/Hi/OK/Lo/Lolo & comparison
Comparator output to optional relays
Simple batch weighing
Automatic batching and customer programming capability
Standard RS-232C
Buzzer function
Code memory function
AD-4407-03: RS-422/485 and Relay
AD-4407-05: RS-232C Relay and Control input
AD-4407-07: Analog Output (4-20mA)
AD-4407-08: RS-232C , Current Loop Output, 3-Reley Output and 1-Control Input

CADCAD File (DXF) Some characters may be garbled as the original CAD data is in Japanese.

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