Digital Indicator for Strain Gauge Sensors
Super high-speed sampling at 2000 times/sec.
Ideal for measuring the dynamic phenomena of
loads, pressure, torque, tension, etc.
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PDFManual (PDF 1,11MB)
AD-4532B Introduction (YouTube)
New Tricolor (Orange, Green & Red) LED Display
    Highly visible easy-to-read display

AD-4532B Display

Enhanced comparator functions
In addition to a simple comparison of the upper/lower limit, the AD-4532B is equipped with a 2D comparator function that shifts
between the upper/lower limit in five levels using a time control or an external signal.

2D (5-level) comparator function
This function makes it possible to determine the
acceptability of the total result by performing a sequential
comparison while shifting between the upper/lower limit in
five levels using a time axis or an external input (trigger).
It is ideal for use in measurements, such as a press-in
operation, which require changes in the comparison
value as time elapses.
The five comparators can also be used individually.
High-speed A/D*1 and D/A*2 conversion function at 2000 times/sec.
*1 Analog-to-digital conversion *2 Digital-to-analog conversion
Calibration without an actual load
The digital span calibration function makes it possible to perform a calibration by entering the rated output (mV/V) of the sensor
using the numeric keys. This function is useful when an actual load cannot be applied.
Latching function
The display, the comparator output and the D/A voltage output can be latched (data output hold).
Relay output with a long-life MOSFET relay
Chatter-prevention function
If bouncing of the comparator value occurs repeatedly near the upper/lower limit, a heavy burden will be placed on the relay
circuit and other parts. To prevent this, the AD-4532B has a function to set the hysteresis width and time.

Hold Function
The hold mode can be activated using the front panel key,
a Modbus-RTU, or the external input terminal on the rear
Wide variety of data input/output
The AD-4532B comes equipped with an analog amplifier voltage output (±10V), a D/A analog voltage output (±10V),
a comparator output and a Modbus-RTU input/output. In addition, we offer an optional BCD output, RS-232C input/output,
D/A analog voltage/current output (±10V / 4 to 20mA) and Ethernet. The upper/lower limit setting, the zero compensation
function and the hold function can be executed via Modbus-RTU.
Measurement points 1
Sensor type Strain gauge sensors (Output resistance: 10kΩ or lower)
Sensor power supply The voltage applied to the bridge can be switched in the function settings.
5V : Up to 4 sensors of 350Ω can be connected.
2.5V : Up to 2 sensors of 120Ω or up to 8 of 350Ω can be connected.
Calibration method Digital span (without actual loading) Calibration with actual load
Measurement range Zero adjustment range : Approx. ±50% of span adjusted value
Span adjustment range : ±0.25mV/V to ±3mV/V
Minimum guaranteed input sensitivity : 0.6µ V/d
Minimum guaranteed display sensitivity : 0.12µ V/d
Maximum display ±999999
Linearity 0.02% F.S. within ±1 digit
Analog-to-digital conversion 2000 times/sec.
Temperature coefficient Zero : ±0.5µ V/°C (Typ.)
Span : ±30ppm/°C (Typ.)
Display panel Measurement data display : 7-segment 6-digit tricolor LED
Character size : 14mm 15 Status marks
Upper/lower limit indicators : Both with 7-segment 5-digit green LED
Character size : 9 mm
Number of key switches : 6
Functions (Standard)
Comparator function Upper/lower limit setting and HI/OK/LO contact output are available.
5-level comparator Contact capacity of 0.1A 250V AC or 0.5A 30V DC Long-life MOSFET relay
Hold function Selectable from Sample hold, Peak hold, Bottom hold and Bipolar hold
Analog amplifier output Output of approx. ±10V at 3.2mV/V (fixed sensitivity)
Linearity within 0.05% F. S.
Temperature coefficient of 100 ppm/°C (typ.)
D/A analog voltage output Scaling is possible at maximum of ±10V setting.
Output resolution of 1/10000
Temperature coefficient of 100 ppm/°C (typ.)
Modbus Modbus-RTU compliant
Others Zero compensation, Key lock and Latching functions
General specifications
Power supply 85 ~ 250V AC, 50/60Hz, Approx. 20VA
Weight Approx. 900g
Operating temperature and humidity -5 ~ 40°C, 85% RH or less (no condensation)
External dimensions 96(W) × 96(H) × 155 (D) mm
Panel cut-out dimensions 92 × 92 mm
Note: Power cable is necessary.
AD4532B-01* - BCD output (40-pin FCN connector)
AD4532B-04 - RS-232C (D-sub 9 pin)
AD4532B-07* - D/A analog voltage/current output (±10V and 4~20mA)
AD4532B-08 - Ethernet interface (RJ-45) PDFManual (PDF 238KB)
*Options 01 and 07 are provided with each connector.
Note: Options 01, 04, 07 and 08 above cannot be used at the same time.

Appearance and/or specifications subject to change for improvement without notice.

CADCAD File(DXF) Some characters may be garbled as the original CAD data is in Japanese.

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