Single-point Aluminum Load Cell with Built-in Overload Stopper
Capacity Model No. CAD File
6kg (58.84N) LCB22K006 CAD Download
10kg (98.07N) LCB22K010
15kg (147.1N) LCB22K015
20kg (196.1N) LCB22K020
30kg (294.2N) LCB22K030
Calibrated for 4 corner loads
IP65, IP67
Extremely durable structure built to withstand excessive loads and impacts
Rated output 1.5mV/V±5%
Safe load limit 500% of R.C.
Ultimate safe overload 1000% of R.C.
Combined error 0.02% of R.O.
Recommended excitation voltage DC5 to 12V
Maximum excitation voltage DC15V
Zero balance ±5% of R.O.
Input terminal resistance 1.13kΩ ±100Ω
Output terminal resistance 1kΩ ±10Ω
Insulation resistance 2000MΩ/DC50V
Compensated temperature range –10°C to 40°C
Temperature effect Zero 0.014% of R.O./10°C Typ.
Span 0.011% of Load/10°C Typ.
Cable diameter/Length φ4/1.5m
Maximum platform size 400 mm × 400 mm
Dustproof/waterproof IP65 *
* Although this load cell is rated IP65 it can be submerged up to 1m in water for up to 30 minutes similar to the IP67 rating.

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