LCC12 (Stainless Steel)
For tank scale and hopper scale
Capacity Model No. CAD File
100 kN (10 tf) LCC12T010 CAD Download
200 kN (20 tf) LCC12T020
300 kN (30 tf) LCC12T030

LCC12 Series Weigh Module
load cell with mount assembly (all stainless steel)
PDFManual (PDF 457KB)
Hermetically sealed stainless steel construction protection from water, moisture and corrosion (IP68)*.
Advanced load design for tanks, hoppers.
Compression type
Mount assembly (anti-vibration, floating prevention mechanism)

Rated capacities 100 kN (10 tf), 200 kN (20 tf), 300 kN (30 tf)
Rated output 2 mV/V±0.1%
Maximum Safe overload 150% of R.C.
Combined error 0.03% of R.O.
Recommended excitation voltage DC5 V to 12 V
Maximum excitation voltage DC15 V
Zero balance ±1% of R.O.
Input terminal resistance 800 Ω ± 80 Ω
Output terminal resistance 2200 ± 10 Ω
Insulation resistance Greater than 5000 MΩ/DC 50 V
Operating temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Compensated temperature range -20 °C to 60 °C
Temperature effect Zero 0.019% of R.O./10 Typ.
Span 0.010% of Load/10 Typ.
Cable diameter/ Length φ8, 12 m
Dustproof/Waterproof IP68
Allowance for horizontal force 75 kN
Allowance for floating force 80 kN
*The LCC12 provides for IP68 enclosure rating with greater than 100 hours protection at 1.5 m immersion.
PDF LCC12 Series Brochure (PDF) 259KB

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