Small USB Button Load Cell for Force Measurement
LCCu-21 Force Measurement Simplified!
PDFBrochure (PDF 1MB)
PDFLCCU-21 instruction manual (PDF 757KB)
PDFLCCU-21 simplified manual (PDF 389KB)
PDFLCCU-21 USB connection instruction manual (PDF 202KB)
PDFWinCT-DLC instruction manual (PDF 1.3MB)
Compact, lightweight force measurement load cell
Load cell, A/D converter and USB interface
Mounting holder
External power supply not required
High speed AD conversion
Measurement and logging software WinCT-DLC
WinCT-DLC With one or more LCCU-21 Button Load Cells and a computer you can
easily perform a variety of measurements by downloading the compressed
“WinCT-DLC” file.
Model No. LCCU21N100 LCCU21N200 LCCU21N500 LCCU21KN001
Rated capacities 100N (10.20kg) 200N (20.39kg) 500N (50.99kg) 1kN (102.0kg)
Rated output 100.00 ± 0.50 (0.5%) 200.00 ± 1.00 (0.5%) 500.00 ± 2.50 (0.5%) 1000.0 ± 5.0 (0.5%)
Combined error 0.5% of R.O.
Power Supply voltage DC5V (USB bus power)
Average current consumption *1 Less than 50mA
Zero balance ±2% of R.O.
Temperature effect on zero 0.6% of R.O. / 10°C
Temperature effect on span 0.6% of LOAD / 10°C
Compensated temperature range 0°C to 70°C
Permissible temperature range −10°C to 80°C
Maximum safe overload 150% of R.C.
A/D conversion rate 100 times / s
Digital filter Select from None, 0.7, 1.0, 1.4, 2.0, 2.8, 4.0, 5.6, 8.0, 11.0 Hz (default value: 1.0Hz)
Resonance frequency *1, *2 45kHz 55kHz 30kHz 35kHz
Cables From load cell to case: φ2mm, 2m length USB cable (accessory): φ4mm, 1.5m length
Dustproof / waterproof *1, *2 IP64 compliant
Weight *3 Approx. 50g Approx. 55g
Communications standard Conformant to USB Ver. 2.0 Full Speed
USB connector Micro-B type
Baud rate 38400 bps
Character bit length 8 bit
Parity Even
Stop bit length 1 bit
Terminator CR LF

*1: Reference value  *2: Load cell only  *3: Main unit (load cell, cable, plastic case)

CAD Download LCCU21N100 / LCCU21N200
CAD Download LCCU21N500 / LCCU21KN001

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