The LabVIEW® Driver for A&D Balances


  • The LabVIEW® Driver software, developed by National Instruments Inc., is available for use with A&D Balances expanding the scope of your laboratory applications.

  • The Driver can be downloaded from the Search Instrument Driver Network on the National Instruments Inc. website (URL below) and the LabVIEW® software used with A&D Balances.


  • Please select “ A&D Company, Ltd.” in the “ Manufacturer “ category and “ Balance “ from the “ Instrument Type “ drop-down list. Then click on “ GO “ to find the available models with LabVIEW® capability such as the EK-i series, EW-i series, GF series, GF-K series, GH series, GP series, GR series, GX series, GX-K series and HR-i series.

  • You can develop and expand your laboratory applications using this innovative LabVIEW® software ( LabVIEW® is a registered trademark of National Instruments Inc. ).