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My computer is not able to receive data.            Top

  • Please check if the communication setting of WinCT matches the balance in use (baud rate, parity, bit length, stop bit, terminator).
    Is the connection made to the correct COM port on the computer? Please use Device Manager to confirm the port on the computer.
    Are you using the correct cable? (Please click here for more information:"What cable should I use to connect my computer and balance?")
    Are you using a balance made by A&D? We don’t guarantee for operations of products made by any manufacturer other than A&D.

My laptop is not equipped with a serial port.            Top

  • You can connect using enhanced serial port or USB/RS232C converter.

Sometimes I can’t receive data. Why?            Top

  • When another application is in operation at the same time, it may inhibit communication. Please quit unnecessary applications and turn off Screen Saver and Power Save settings.

Input Buffer Overflowed!” appears on the display during receiving data with RsKey.            Top

  • Interval setting on your computer is too short to catch up with necessary processing. Make the set time longer.

The balance keeps sending data continuously when started with RsCom.            Top

  • This happens when Stream mode is set on the balance. Please do not set Stream mode with RsCom.

Applications of use

How can I receive data periodically?            Top

  • RsCom has a Repeat function enabling periodical reception of data by sending commands periodically. You can also set this function with RsKey by setting its interval in order to take intermittent data when the balance is set to Stream mode.

Is there any limitation of time interval setting to send commands to a balance?            Top

  • The minimum interval is 0.1 second. There is no maximum limit.

How fast is the maximum sampling speed for data acquisition?            Top

  • It depends on which type of balance you use. The display refresh rate of the balance shows its maximum sampling speed. (e.g. GX: maximum 10 times/sec.).

Is it possible to collect data from multiple balances?            Top

  • Yes. Start multiple RsComs to collect data from multiple balances. However, your computer needs to be equipped with serial ports in the same number as the balances you want to connect. RsKey cannot be used for multiple connections.

Can I have the source program of WinCT, please?            Top

  • We are sorry, but the source program is our proprietary material and is not to be disclosed. WinCT is created with Visual Basic, and serial communication is made possible by using Visual Basic communication control.


What kind of software is WinCT?            Top

  • This software enables collection of data by connecting RS232C interface on A&D’s balance to a serial port (COM port) on a computer. WinCT consists of two application programs, RsCom and RsKey.

What can RsCom do?             Top

  • RsCom enables your computer to receive data from balances by sending commands to balances. (Periodical reception of data is possible using the Repeat function.).

What can RsKey do?            Top

  • RsKey enables transmission of data received from balances into applications such as Excel. The data can be directly processed in such applications.

Which OS is operational with WinCT?             Top

What cable should I use to connect my computer and balance?             Top

  • Use a commercial connecting cable for modem (also called straight cable or normal cable). Please check the shape of terminals on the balance and computer in use. You can also purchase them from A&D.

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