Programmable Measurement Controller

PDFBrochure (PDF 3,737KB)
Responds swiftly to a wide array of application
needs in the field.

Responds to the wide market needs of the weighing, measurement
and control field. Enables originality via its programming and GUI
function (IDE tool).

The AD-4820 is comprised of a CPU, OS, display and transmission
interface. Programing, sequencing and display screens can be produced
using the AD-4820, as you please. Also, the abundant number of I/O
boards that can accommodate up to four slots means that a complex
large scale system can be built, both saving space and reducing costs.
Meets a Wide Range of Applications
In measurement and control fields where there is a need for greater diversity and complexity as well as faster speed, the AD-4820 series provides it in a compact frame and with reduced costs, offering I/O boards and control functions ideally suited to a wide range of applications. Also, it can unify a distributed system for sequence control and supervision of the control conditions.
Control / Testing / Supervision
Touch panel system STN 5.7 inch color liquid
crystal Waterproof (IP-65)
CPU board
CPU SH4, OS RT-OS, SD RAM 64MB, Memory 64MB
Standard interface
LAN (Ethernet) (10Base-T), RS-232C/422/485, USB, RUN output
Individual I/O board installation (up to 4 slots)
Load cell input, Analog I/O, Pulse input, Digital I/O, Relay output, Etc.
AC85V-250V 50/60Hz approx. 30VA
(WxHxD) 192x144x191mm
AD-4820-01 Analog input interface board
AD-4820-02 (load cell input module)
AD-4820-03 (4-20mA analog input module)
AD-4820-04 (0-10V analog input module)
AD-4820-05 (0-10mV analog input module)
AD-4820-06 (RTD(PT100) sensor input module)
AD-4820-07 (thermocouple input module)

AD-4820-10 Standard I/O board
AD-4820-12 DO64 board
AD-4820-13 Relay output board

AD-4820-14 Analog output interface board
AD-4820-15 4-20mA analog output module
AD-4820-16 0-10V analog output module

AD-4820-20 Serial interface board

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