Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor  
Near Field Communications   Examples of communication devices that comply
- NFC-enabled cellular phone
- Personal computer with NFC reader/writer
- Access point
* Validated as UA-767 Plus
The UA-767NFC's design is based on the UA-767 Plus, which has been clinically proven
in accuracy. It has inherited some advanced features from the original model, but is
equipped with near field communication technology, giving it extended capabilities.
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MOVIEWellnessConnected - Smart way of healthy life
Built-in NFC Forum Type 3 Tag wireless interface module
Clock display (clock updates at the same time of data transmission)
100-measurement memory
Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator
Extra large 3-line display for easier reading of results
One-touch measurement
Latex-free and metal-free, SlimFit Cuff

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