AD-8121B Printer
For Balances, counting Scales, Platform Scales, Weighing Indicators
Built for Electronic Balances, Counting Balances, Platform Scales, Weighing Indicators.
Prints charts and offers a full range of Statistical Functions on either AC or battery power.
PDF Brochure (PDF 537KB)
PDF Manual (PDF 730KB)
A wealth of functions, including: Interval printing function, Statistical function, Calendar clock function and Chart print function.
Impact dot matrix printer for superior readability and long term durability.
A full range of statistical functions: Weight data, Total weight data, Counting data, Total counting data, Number of operations,
Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variant, Chart, Year, Month, Date, Hour, Minute and Second.
Changeable to dump mode while using statistical function without deletion of statistical function data.
Buffer memory of up to approximately 30 sets of data.
Interval printing with built-in Timer/Clock function: 5s, 10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m.
Chart selectable to show change in weight, interval time, start time and stop time.
Compact size and light weight.
AC power supply and battery operation permits use anywhere.
24-hour clock, calendar and pre-set functions(date and time) are stored in non-volatile memory (protected by a lithium battery).
Accepts RS-232C and current loop input from A&D's Electronic Balances, Scales and Indicators.
Speedy printinge.

When ordering this device, remember to specify whether RS-232C interface or a current loop cable will be used
for connection and output.
Accessories (charged separately)
Current loop cable
AX-PP143-S : Print paper(10 rolls)
AX-ERC-05-S : Ink ribbon (5)
AX-SW-128 : Foot switch
AX-KO980-S100 : External input plug with cable 1m(necessary for foot switch connection)
List of Applicable products and additional items required for connection
Product Series Cable/Option for RS-232C Cable/Option for Current Loop
GH, HR-i, FX-i AX-KO2376-100 Not Applicable
GR Not Required Not Applicable
HR-60/120/200 HR-03 HR-03/HR-05 + AD8121-01/AX-KO481-200/AX-KO1080-100
GX/GF Not Required GX-04/GX-06 + AD8121-01/AX-KO481-200/AX-KO1080-100
GX-K/GF-K Not Required GX-04K/GX-06K + AD8121-01/AX-KO481-200/AX-KO1080-100
AD4212A Not Required Not Applicable
GP Not Required GP-04/GP-06 + AD8121-01/AX-KO481-200/AX-KO1080-100
EK-i/EW-i AX-KO2376-100 Not Applicable
FC-Si/FC-i AX-KO2376-100 Not Applicable
HV-G/HW-G, HV-WP/HW-WP AX-KO462-200 Not Applicable
FG-KL/M FG-23 + AX-KO462-200 Not Applicable
HC-i HC-03i + AX-KO462-200 Not Applicable
HD HD-03 HD-05 + AD8121-01/AX-KO481-200/AX-KO1080-100
FS-i FS-03i + AX-KO3341-320 Not Applicable
Remarks: "/" indicates "or"
AX-KO2376-100 D-Sub 9 pins, 1 meter
AD8121-01 Current Loop Cable, 50 cm (via AX-KO256-100, standard accessory for AD-8121B)
AX-KO481-200 Current Loop Cable, 2 meters (via AX-KO256-100, standard accessory for AD-8121B)
AX- KO1080-100 Direct Connecting Current Loop Cable, 1 meter
AX-KO462-200 RS-232C Cable, 2 meters
AX-KO3341-320 RS-232C Cable (free at cable end), 3 meters
Printer type Dot impact type
Character size .5x7 dot, 2.5(H)x1.8(W)mm high, 16 characters/line
Printing speed Approximately 1 line/second
Speed of paper feed Approximately 1 line/second
Print head life About 500,000 lines
Print paper AX-PP143 (paper width 45mm, length 50m, diameter when rolled 65mm)
Interface RS-232C interface or current loop (2400bps)
Power sources AC adapter (provided as standard), or 4 x AA alkaline batteries(battery life approximately 7000 lines)
Dimensions 180(W) x 160(D) x 80.5(H) mm
Weight About 400g (without print paper or batteries)
Standard accessories ....User manual, AC adapter, RS-232C connection cable (AX-KO-256A),
print paper (AX-PP143), ink ribbon (AX-ERC-05), print paper cover, printer cover,printer paper axis,
AA alkaline batteries (4).

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