Compact Printer
Multi-functional compact printer for balances/scales
PDF Flyer (PDF 333KB)
PDF Manual (PDF 965KB)
    PDF Connecting balances (PDF 72KB)
    PDF Connecting moisture analyzers (PDF 55KB)
    PDF Connecting viscometers (PDF 45KB)
    PDF Supported connection table (balances, scales and others) (PDF 51KB)
    PDF Supported connection table (indicators) (PDF 49KB)
Easy setting and operation with a numeric keypad and LCD display
Built-in calendar and clock for printing date and time at any time
Sends re-zero and weighing data request commands to the balance/scale
Clear and visible dot matrix printing, which also enables long-term preservation of the printed records
Compact and lightweight for portability and installation anywhere
Interval printing mode for printing weighing data at set intervals
Chart printing mode for printing time-series variations of weighing data
Dump printing mode to receive and print GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output from the balance/scale
Performs and prints the results of statistical calculation including standard deviation
Prints an ID number set for the printer at any time
Dust-free paper (AX-PP173-S) available for use in clean rooms
Two types of RS-232C cables (D-Sub 25P and D-Sub 9P) provided as standard to connect to balances/scales with different interfaces*
Comes with an AC adapter as standard
Receives a print, paper feed, print statistical calculation results, print total, re-zero, or weighing data request command from the optional foot switch (AX-SW128)

* The cables can be changed to either a DIN or current loop cable at time of order.
AX-PP137-S : Plain printer paper (10 rolls)
AX-PP173-S : Dust-free printer paper (10 rolls)
AX-ERC-22B-S : Ink ribbon (5 pcs)
AD1682 : Rechargeable battery unit*
AD-8529PC-W : Bluetooth converter for PC
AD-8529PR-W : Bluetooth converter for printer

* Units manufactured in March 2018 or later only. Please inquire before making a purchase.
Character specifications 7 × 9 dots, 1.6 (W) × 3.2 (H) mm
Printing speed Approx. 1.6 lines/second
Paper feeding speed Approx. 4 lines/second
Number of characters printed 24 characters/line
Printer paper width 57.5 mm
Operating environment 0 to 40 ˚C/32 to 104 ˚F, 35 to 85%RH (no condensation)
Storage environment −20 to 60 ˚C/−4 to 140 ˚F, 10 to 90%RH (no condensation)
Interface RS-232C (D-Sub 9P, male) / Current loop (DIN)
Power supply AC adapter
Size / weight 174 (W) × 141 (D) × 87 (H) mm / approx. 500 g
Standard accessories Ink ribbon (1 pc), plain printer paper (1 roll), AC adapter, AC adapter label, instruction manual, two RS-232C cables (D-Sub 25P and D-Sub 9P)*
* The cables can be changed to either a DIN or current loop cable at time of order.

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