Test and Measurement

CompactWCA AD3651 Offline Analysis Software Configurations
In-vehicle Real-Time Noise and Vibration analysis system
Offline Analysis Software Configurations
Type of License
Post-processing Analysis Basic Function(PABASE):please refer to Introduction of Basic Function and 2D post-processing Function
3D post-processing Function(PATRACK):please refer to Introduction of 3D post-processing Function
Time-series data reading license WCA throughput file(PBWCATP):WCAPRO/MSA/RMASONY recorder file(PBSONY):PCscanIIor III Binary(Intel86)fileTEAC recorder file(PBTEAC):TAFFmat file
Time-series data analysis processing license Tracking(PBTRACK): please refer to Introduction of Tracking FunctionReal-Time Octave(PBOCT): please refer to Introduction of Real-Time Octave FunctionFilter(PBFILT): please refer to Introduction of Filter Function
Main Configurations Example
    FFT Analysis Tracking Analysis Real-Time Octave Analysis Filter Processing Basic Processing 3D Post-processing
Off-line Playback Analysis Basic Function(PABASE)
3D post-processing Function(PATRACK)  
Time-series data reading license WCAthroughput file(PBWCATP)    
SONY recorder file(PBSONY)    
TEAC recorder file(PBTEAC)    
Time-series data analysis processing license Tracking(PBTRACK)        
Real-Time Octave(PBOCT)          
Network License Management Software
NOTE 1) ◎:Required, ○:Any one required, △:Depends on user's needs
NOTE 2) FFT Analysis is included in the time-series data read license.
NOTE 3) Since filter processing results are converted to a WCAPRO throughput file, a "WCA throughput file" is required for the Time-Series data read license.
NOTE 4) When using order filter in filter processing, "Tracking" is required for the Time-Series data analysis processing license.
NOTE 5) Standard configuration supports reading of WAV files.
NOTE 6) A&D offers 2 types of licenses; a "Node lock license", which specifies the user's PC and a "Network License", which does not specify the user's PC. In addition, Network License Management Software is required for the Network License.
Suitable system configuration
Minimum requirement system configuration
CPU Core2Duo (Pentium M) 1.4GHz or over
Memory 512MB or over
HDD 20GB or over
Monitor 800*600 65,000 colors or over

Recommended system
CPU Core2Duo 2.0GHz or over
Memory 2GB or over
HDD 40GB or over
Monitor 1024*768 65,000 colors or over

Microsoft WindowsXP Professional + SP2 + IE6
MMicrosoft WindowsXP Professional + SP2 + IE7
Microsoft WindowsXP Professional + SP3 + IE6
Microsoft WindowsXP Professional + SP3 + IE7
Microsoft WindowsVista Business/Ultimate + IE7
Microsoft WindowsVista Business/Ultimate + SP1 + IE7
When the system is Microsoft Windows XP Professional and P2, 'Compact WCA setup utility' recommends 'Releasing the block' on the firewall setup.


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