Test and Measurement

Test Instruments

  • Universal Testing Instruments
    RTF Series
    A&D's world-class Class 0.5 testing machine
    Machine design and structure precisely calculated to provide superior stiffness
    Highly accurate measurement control technology enabling sensor and machine connection
    RTG Series
    Class 1 accuracy testing machine
    Rated output accuracy of up to 1/500 guaranteed
    Highly accurate measurement control technology enabling sensor and machine connection
  • Material Testing Instruments
    MCT Series
    Compact space-saving design
    High precision load cell included
    Data capture software included
    STB Series
    Tabletop Material Testing Instruments
    Lightweight and compact. A single column design
    High speed sampling rate of 0.2 msec (when using TACT)
  • Physical Properties Testing Instruments
    Measurement of viscoelastic physical properties under a curing process
    Analysis of curing behavior from liquid to solid state
    Practical evaluation of physical properties
  • Automatic Dynamic Viscoelastometer
    DDV-01GP / 25GP
    For measurement of the dynamic modulus of viscoelasticity of high polymers like plastic, rubber, and complex material
    Dynamic viscoelastometers of non-resonance forced vibration method
    Used in the fields of research and development for dynamic characteristics and quality inspection control
  • Friction and Wear Tester
    EFM-III Series
    Friction and wear tester for tribology evaluation
    Evaluation of friction properties for materials and products (metal, plastic, ceramics, bearing materials, brake lining materials, clutch disks, self-lubricated materials, lubricant oil, etc.)
    System can be customized (additional measurement and control items, etc.)
  • Other Testing Instruments
    Other Testing Instruments
    Judder testing machine
    Large testing machine for timber
    High-pressure environmental friction and wear tester
    Reciprocating friction and wear tester
    Automatic tensile testing machine
    Bearing friction and wear tester
    Semi-automatic tensile testing machine
    Endurance testing machine for bed

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Rheometers & Viscometers

  • Rheometers
    Repeatability as high as 1% of the measured value (by S.D.) even with low viscosity sample fluids
    Shear rate changes by controlling the sensor plate vibration amplitude
    Easy setup/cleaning and very quick measurement (stabilization in 20 seconds)
  • Viscometers
    SV-A Series
    Required sample quantity from as small as 2 ml (SV-1A)
    Continuous measurements from very low to high viscosity without replacing the sensor plates
    Simultaneous measuring and graphing of temperature and viscosity changes using the special "WinCT-Viscosity" software
    SV Series
    A&D's unique Tuning-fork Vibration method promises high accuracy and a wide measurement range without replacing the sensor plates
  • Peripherals
    AD-1671A Anti-Vibration Table for Viscometers/Rheometer
    Reduces measurement errors by isolating the tuning fork vibro viscometer/rheometer from minute external vibrations often imperceptible by humans

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  • Pipettes
    MPA Series
    Accuracy/repeatability not dependent on human factors
    Stress-minimized, pain-free operation using the forefinger
    Easy calibration (adjustment) with the User CAL function
    MPB Series
    Accuracy/repeatability not dependent on human factors
    Stress-minimized, pain-free operation using the forefinger
    Individually detachable cylinders, enabling to change the number of channels (max. eight channels)
  • Pipette Accuracy Testers
    AD-4212B-PT / AD-4212A-PT / FX-300i-PT
    Automatic mass-to-volume conversion and accuracy judgment using the special "WinCT-Pipette" software
    Judgment by your preferred criteria - manufacturer specifications, ISO8655, or your own
    Includes an evaporation trap to minimize errors due to evaporation
  • Leak Tester
    Ideal for screening out damaged micropipettes
    Quick testing of less than 5 seconds
    Leak detection by depressurization

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Noise & Vibration

PDF Noise & Vibration Analysis Systems (PDF 2MB)

PDF Information on End of Support for Windows7/8 for WCAPRO (PDF 54KB)

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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
    Measures the thickness of a variety of materials such as metal, glass, plastic, ceramic and epoxy
    Measures Wide measurement range from 0.8 to 300mm
    0.01 mm display resolution (display can switch between 0.01/0.1mm)

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Specialized Load Cells

  • X-Y Force Type Load Cells
    X-Y Series
    Ideal for tire uniformity measurement, etc.
    Simultaneous measurement in the X and Y directions with one unit
    Structure designed for excellent toughness and durability

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Data Acquisition

  • Data Acquisition
    All data recorded in Omniace
    High-speed, long-term recording of phenomena on large-capacity storage media
    Measurement by Anyone, Anywhere
    Powerful and Dependable
    RM1102 Excels in both Lab and Field
    Unifizer NS3000
    Connects RA Series and the PC at existing LAN environment, and enables to remote control functions as data recording and various settings.

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Signal Conditioner

  • Signal Conditioner
    AS3503, AS3603, AS3703
    AC Bridge Type for General-purpose
    Isolated between input/output and power supply system! Aids strain measurement with reliable quality!
    AS3803, AS3903
    AC Bridge Type with Noise Resistant
    Isolated between input/output and power supply system! Noise-resistant design for harsh environments!
    AS2503, AS2603
    DC Bridge Type of Wide Bandwidth
    Excellent Non-linearity and High Response Frequency!
    High Precision DC Strain Amp!

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General Purpose Digital Measurement Equipment

  • General Purpose Digital Measurement Equipment
    Highly visible red lamp and repeating buzzer alerts user when voltage is detected.
    Easy sensitivity switching at the touch of a button (24-1000 V, 40-1000 V)
    Useful white LED light on tip for when working in the dark 200 hours of continuous use
    Hold function/Peak Hold function
    Sleep Mode​
    3 channels can be started/stopped individually or simultaneously
    Display modes: Timer and Time & Date modes
    Timers can be set up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds
    IPX7 equivalent waterproof rating
    Interval Timer Function
    Step Timer Function
    100 minute timer
    IPX7 equivalent waterproof rating
    Count up, count down timer
    10-key input allows time to be set easily
    Repeat Function displays the previously set time after the timer ends
    Pause function to pause timer operation

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