Test and Measurement

WCAmini AD-3661
A portable 4-channel noise & vibration analysis system
The Portable FFT    - It goes where you go -
  • Powered by USB (No AC adapter required)
  • 24-bit, 4-channel measurement (TEDS compatible)
  • A synchronous tachometer input
  • Integral signal genarator
  • FFT analysis and throughput recording and blayback analysis
  • Order tracking analysis (Optional)
  • Filtering function (Optional)
  • Voice memo input and sound playback
  • Includes WCA Lite (Optional easy-to-use analysis software)
  • WCAPRO (Multi-analysis and measurement software)
PDF Brochure (PDF 3,785KB)
PDF Setup Wizard Guide for WCAPRO 3.15 and on (PDF 780KB)
■ Download WCA mini introduction video files
tracking test (file format : WMVfile 35MB)
tracking test (file format : WMVfile 3,850KB)
Hammering test (file format : WMVfile 36MB)
Hammering test (file format : WMVfile 3,953KB)
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Standard configuration
Hardware (includes UBS cable and power adaptor)
WCA Pro software and license for basic FFT analysis
2D tracking license for WCA Pro software
3D tracking license for WCA Pro software
Real-time Octave analysis for WCA Pro software
Time-series filtering license for WCA Pro software
A portable and lightweight, USB bus powered unit
The WCAmini is small and light enough to fit into your travel case.
Power can be supplied from the USB bus, allowing you toperform
noise and vibration analyses anywhere.

User-friendly GUI and WCA Lite with improved ease of operation
With enhanced operability, the WCAmini has adopted the
samedesign concept employed in the highly reputed WCA.
WCA Lite will enable simple operation of FFT and tracking analyses.

Complete compatibility with the CompactWCA / WCAonPC
(AD3600 series)

A compatible user interface eliminates the need for additional
training of existing users. In addition, data analyzed in the past can
still be utilized as data remains fully compatible because ofthe same
MFU file format.
WCAPRO, multi-analysis software
WCAPRO has an easy-to-manage user interface that canbe operated as a Windows application.

WCAPRO providesreal-time FFT analysis for noise & vibration testing.Optional licenses for integrating real-time octave analysisand tracking analysis are also available.

The systemcomes standard with a throughput collection function thatallows continuous recording of time history data on a diskand repeated playback analysis.
Off-line playback analysiswith a standalone PC is also possible (optional).

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