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Other Testing Instruments
Judder testing machine
This machine is used to measure and evaluate friction characteristics such as temperature, frictional force, sliding velocity, etc. of steel plates, friction materials, ATF and additives of wet clutches.
Max. pressure force: 5kN
Pressure setup: Arbitrary step
Sliding speed: 1-500R.P.M.
Sliding speed setup: Arbitrary step
Friction force: 50N.m
Temperature: 200°C
Heating system: Direct/indirect
Operation pattern: JASO M349
[Technical standard]
JASO M349-01Automatic transmission fluids-test method for anti-shudder performance
High-pressure environmental friction and wear tester
This testing machine is used to evaluate the frictional characteristics in a pressure container. It can evaluate the frictional characteristics of refrigerants, oil, friction materials, etc. for compressors and so on. It has a load cell inside the pressure container to enable frictional-force measurement with high accuracy.
Max. pressure force: 8kN
Sliding speed: 8000R.P.M.
Friction force: 5N.m
Pressure vessel: 5Mpa

[Industry use] Compressor/Lubricating oil
Reciprocating friction and wear tester
This testing machine is used to evaluate surface conditions such as friction faces of materials by measuring the frictional force.
Pressure force: 100g - 5kg
Friction coefficient: 0.01 - 1
Friction faces moving distance: 10.0 - 30.0mm
Sliding speed: 6 - 600mm/min.

[Industry use]Sliding matter/painted side/coating film
Bearing friction and wear tester
This testing machine evaluates the frictional characteristics of radial bearings. The circuit system adopted for the lubricant enables heating up to 80°C.
Max. pressure force: 15kN
Sliding speed: 10000R.P.M.
Safeguard: Printing prevention

[Industry use] Bearing radial , Lubricant oil, Sliding material
Endurance testing machine for bed
This device is an endurance tester for ordinary home beds. It can also be used as a compression tester.
Endurance test stroke: 0 - 150mm
Max. capacity: 1.5kN
Repetition speed: 160 time/min.
Point of measurement: Programmable automatic operation measuring point compression
Testing speed: 1 - 500mm/min.
Max. capacity: 2kN

[Industry use] Bed, Mat and urethane
Large testing machine for timber
This device is used to conduct a three- / four-point bending test on wooden pillars. To facilitate the adjustment between the bearings, it is equipped with rails on the base as well as a trolley to transport the sample.
Max. Capacity: 300kN
Distance between fulcrum (lower): 400 - 8100mm
Height to fulcrum: 400mm
Distance between fulcrum (upper): 200 - 2700mm

[Industry use / Technical standard]
Column/square timber JIS Z 2101 Test procedure for timber JAS
The measurement unit of A&D's conventional friction and wear tester has been adjusted to enable the measurement of friction characteristics with higher precision.
Max. pressure force: 5kN
Pressure setup: Arbitrary step
Sliding speed range: 1 - 400mm/sec
Sliding speed setup: Arbitrary step
Friction force: 100/200N
Temperature: Max. 3ch (o.p.)

[Industry use / Technical standard]
Hard/semi-hard fabrication resin
JIS K 7218 Testing Methods for Sliding Wear Resistance of Plastics
Automatic tensile testing machine
This device evaluates the tensile characteristics of plastics and plastic composite materials. The sample is automatically measured for its size and tested when set in the feed section. Very high-precision elasticity measurement is possible.
Max. capacity: 10kN
Test sample storage: Palette or stockholder
Sample dimension point: Width, thickness and length

[Technical standard]
Hard/semi-hard plastic resin JIS K 7161 Plastics - Determination of Tensile Properties
ISO 5271
Semi-automatic tensile testing machine
The controller of this testing machine automatically applies an appropriate load and puts the extensometer between the gauge lines, etc. after the sample is set. It provides measurement with high repeatability.
Max. capacity: 10kN
Crosshead speed: 0.05 - 1000mm/min.

[Industry use]
Factory option
Rubber - Tensile properties
Plastics - Tensile properties
ISO 0527/JIS K 7161

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