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MPB Series
Multiple Channel Electronic Pipettes
MPB Series Multiple Channel Electronic Pipettes  
Outperforming Manual Pipettes with Comfort, Ease & Accuracy!
PDFBrochure (PDF 3.7MB)
PDFManual (PDF 1.55MB)
PDFManual Errata (PDF 134KB)
 When using the MPB series
 When using a pipette that has not been used for a couple of hours we
 recommend aspirating and dispensing it prior to subsequent use. This
 will ensure smooth piston movement allowing for more precise
PDFQuick operation guide (PDF 284KB)
PDFSupplementary manual for advanced functions (PDF 263KB)
PDFList of compatible tips (PDF 40KB)
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 Pipette Operation Guide ~ for accurate dispensing with pipettes ~
 How can you dispense viscous or volatile samples more accurately?
 This document explains why such samples often lead to errors and
 effective countermeasures you can take for them. It also summarizes
 the MPA Series' resistance to organic solvents, etc.
PDFPipette Operation Guide Rev.3 (PDF 670KB)
Accuracy/repeatability not dependent on human factors
Stress-minimized, pain-free operation using the forefinger
Individually detachable cylinders, enabling to change the number of channels (max. eight channels)*1
Easy calibration (adjustment) with the User CAL function*2*3
Calibration and display by either volume (μL/mL) or weight (mg)*2
Accurate pipetting possible with other manufacturers’ tips
Dedicated glass tips and silicon adapters available
Multiple dispensing (MD) mode with automatic initial volume correction (pre-dispensing)
Mixing (MIX) mode for homogenizing solutions
Reverse operation for accurately dispensing viscous samples
Increased resistance to drop impacts with padding on the head*2
Aspirating and dispensing speeds adjustable to 5 different levels each
Storage for up to 9 programs
High resistance to acid/organic solvents
Adjustable tip ejector reach
Extended finger hook
Power supply by either a rechargeable battery or switching (100-240V) AC adapter
Multiple AC adapter plugs (A, BF, C, S)
Auto power OFF function

*1 Patent pending
*2 Patented
*3 For verification of dispensed volumes necessary for calibration, the AD-4212B-PT/ AD-4212A-PT/ FX-300iPT pipette accuracy testers (or BM series + BM-014) are useful tools
AX-BOX-200A : Tip box for the MPB-200-8*4
AX-BOX-1200A : Tip box for the MPB-1200-8*4
AX-BOX-200B : Tip box (no latch) for the MPB-200-8*4
AX-BOX-1200B : Tip box (no latch) for the MPB-1200-8*4
AX-CART-200 : Tip cartridge (96 sterile tips × 10 sets) for the MPB-200-8
AX-CART-1200-8 : Tip cartridge (96 sterile tips × 10 sets) for the MPB-1200-8
Charging hanger
Charging hanger
AX-LOW-200-8 : Lower part of the MPB-200-8
AX-CYL-200 : Cylinder unit for the MPB-200-8 (8 pcs)
AX-LOW-1200-8 : Lower part of the MPB-1200-8
AX-CYL-1200 : Cylinder unit for the MPB-1200-8 (8 pcs)
Charging hanger
AX-HA-STD : Pipette hanger
Charging hanger
AX-HA-CHG : Charging hanger
AX-ST-CH-A1 : Charging stand for single pipette
AX-ST-CH-M4 : Charging stand for four pipettes
Charging hanger
AX-BAT-MPA : Lithimum-ion rechargeable battery
AX-KO4730-10 : Linking cable (10 cm, for connection between charging hangers/stands)
AX-TB283 : AC adapter (A, BF, C and S plugs are included)*5
AX-PAD-MPA : Pipette elbow cushion (NBR &smp; polyurethane, 4 sheets × 1 set)
Charging hanger
*4 Tips are not included.
*5 AX-TB282 for the US
Model MPB-200-8 MPB-1200-8
Capacity range 3.0 to 200 mL 15 to 1200 µL
Increment 1 µL
Performance*6 Volume 10 µL 100 µL 200 µL 100 µL 600 µL 1200 µL
Accuracy (±) 5.0% 2.4% 1.2% 5.0% 2.0% 1.0%
Repeatability (CV) 2.0% 0.6% 0.3% 1.2% 0.6% 0.3%
Maximum number of multiple dispensings 5 µL × 40 times 15 µL × 80 times
Program memory 9 programs
Aspirating/dispensing speed 5 speeds
Length Approx. 290 mm
Weight (including the battery) Approx. 290 g Approx. 280 g

*6 In standard (AUTO) mode with maximum aspirating and dispensing speeds
For daily and periodic checks of the MPA series, the AD-1690 leak tester and AD-4212B-PT/AD-4212A-PT/FX-300iPT pipette accuracy testers (or BM series + BM-014) are useful tools.

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