High functionality touch panel color LCD weighing indicator for check weighers
AD4412-CW 7” high-visibility touch panel color LCD
Up to 1,000 registered items
4000 times/second high-speed sampling
A/D resolution 16,000,000 counts
PDFBrochure (PDF 2.8MB)
PDFInstruction manual (PDF 7.6MB)
PDFInstruction manual: Connection Setting Example (PDF 2.9MB)
Please refer to AD4413-CW for the stainless steel frame version
Feedback control
Three types of weighing modes: Passing, Stopping, and Static Weighing
Reports for operational history, weighing history, histogram, control charts, and summary reports.
Display various data on smartphones and tablets over wireless LAN during measurement.
Item photo import from a USB Flash Drive
Easy setting restoration using a USB Flash Drive.
Save data to a USB Flash Drive and import it to personal computer.
AD4412-CW is compliant with IP65 dustproof/waterproof standards when attached to the panel using the panel mount bracket. (AD4412-10)

AD4412-02: Relay output 9 points AC250V 3A/DC30V 3A
AD4412-05: Parallel I/O DI 16 points DO 16 points DC40V 50mA
AD4412-07: Analog output 1ch 4-20mA or 0-10V
                    add AD4412-17 x 3 then Maximum 4ch
                    Output weighing value, conveyer speed control
AD4412-17: Analog output module 4-20mA or 0-10V
AD4412-10: Panel mount bracket
AD4412-11: Bracket for display stand

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