DIN-rail weighing module with Modbus RTU
AD-4430R Powerful vibration-cancelling filter (High Performance Digital Filter)
High speed sampling – 1000 times per second
PDFBrochure (PDF 4.4MB)
PDFInstruction manual (PDF 2.3MB)
PDFSimplified manual (PDF 492KB)
PDFUSB connection instructions (PDF 691KB)
PDFExternal view (PDF 43KB)
Powerful vibration-cancelling filter (High Performance Digital Filter)
Dual flow rate output
Sequential filling/dispensing measurement capability
Internal setpoint control
Active free fall compensation
I/O points (6 inputs, 8 outputs) as standard
Remote I/O connectivity for PLC input and output
USB interface to import/export function settings
Averaging hold, peak hold and comparator functions
DIN rail mounting type to install into control box
Featuring the High-Performance Digital Filter (HPDF) for Environments with Vibration Issues
The High-Performance Digital Filter provides high accuracy/high speed weighing in environments with vibration problems.
It greatly reduces the costs and maintenance required for anti-vibration equipment since it copes with vibrations without
requiring many mechanical measures. What's more, conducting weighing while applying vibrations, once an extremely
difficult task, is now possible.
High speed sampling
High speed sampling of 1000 times/sec has been achieved.
CADCAD File (DXF) Some characters may be garbled as the original CAD data is in Japanese.

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