Digital Indicator
SC series Digital Indicator for Strain Gauge Sensors
PDFBrochure (PDF 1.04MB)
PDFManual (PDF 843KB)
PDFSimplified Manual (PDF 248KB)
Suitable for load, pressure, torque or tension measurement plus more
Digital span calibration possible without using an actual load
Zero correction value can be backed up
Various output options available
Performs A/D conversion at 100 times per second
AD4530-200 - Relay output
AD4530-030 - RS485
AD4530-040 - RS-232C input/output
AD4530-007 - D/A analog output
AD4530-237 - Relay output, RS485 and D/A analog output
AD4530-247 - Relay output, RS232C and D/A analog output
*The options above cannot be used at the same time.
Measurement points 1
Sensor type Strain gauge sensor
Sensor power supply 5 V, up to 3 sensors of 350 Ω or 1 sensor of 120 Ω
Calibration method Actual load calibration
Digital span (actual load not required)
Measurement range Zero adjustment range : -35 to +35 mV (-7 to 7 mV/V)
Span adjustment range : -35 to +35 mV (-7 to 7 mV/V)
Minimum guaranteed input sensitivity : 0.15 µ V/d
Minimum display input sensitivity : No limit
Maximum display ±999999
Linearity 0.005% F.S. within ±1 digit
A/D conversion 100 times/sec.
Temperature coefficient Zero : ±0.1 µ V/°C (Typ.)
Span : ±8 ppm/°C (Typ.)
Panel area Measurement display area:
Red 7-segment 6-digit LED and minus display, Character height 9.2mm, 5 status indicators

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