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  A&D ORION V1.0 - New Software for Powertrain Optimization

  A&D is proud to announce the newest addition to its line of Powertrain testing systems: ORION. ORION joins ATLAS as a solution for calibration optimization. ORION was developed in conjunction with IAV GmbH as a tool to integrate both IAV's extensive powertrain calibration experience and A&D's many years of providing first-class testing tools for the automotive industry.

   "Our customers are struggling to reduce powertrain calibration time," says Yoichiro (Eddie) Koyama, President of A&D Technology, “and this is the latest tool that we have developed to help them optimize a complex powertrain in a substantially reduced timeframe".

 "IAV is excited about the tangible result of our collaboration with A&D" said Karsten Röpke, Director of Development Methods/Test Bench Automation at IAV."We have had the ability to embed some of the advanced calibration methodology we have developed into a powerful and flexible commercial tool to address a hot issue for the industry".

 ORION is a tool that enables the creation of optimized calibrations for a powertrain ECU. In conjunction with a model based calibration environment, ORION enables the user to create an optimization strategy for a specific test cell by leveraging the building blocks pioneered by IAV. ORION can interface with most test cell automation systems (e.g. A&D iTest or AVL PUMA) and ECU calibration tools (e.g. ETAS INCA or ATI Vision) to gather the required data and produce the required ECU calibrations. Included in ORION is a real-time computation engine ensuring best possible performance.

 A&D Technology, Inc. is a subsidiary of the multinational firm A&D Company, Ltd. (http://www.aandd.jp), a world-class provider of advanced measuring equipment for medicine, science and industry. A&D Company was established in 1977 as a developer and manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments.A&D has annual sales of over $240 million, is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

 IAV is one of the world's leading providers of development services to the automotive industry, employing 3,000 members worldwide. The company develops innovative concepts and technologies for future vehicle generations and has been providing the entire spectrum of hi-tech engineering for over 20 years, with powertrain, electronics and vehicle development as its core competencies. Encompassing all of the well-known automobile manufacturers and component suppliers, its clients are provided with production-ready solutions for the entire vehicle on a one-stop shop basis.
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