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What's New
New Product
The AD3661 WCA mini: “It goes where you go” new
The Doctor is in! Doctor Pro 3 Blood Pressure Analysis Software
A&D ORION V1.0 - New Software for Powertrain Optimization
UA-85X Series / 2006 December
Digital Scales SJ Series / 2006 October
Ultra-slim analog signal conditioner AD4541 V/I / 2006 October
Universal Material Testing Instruments RTF / RTG Series / 2006 October
UA-787 Plus / 2006 March
AD-4820 Ready Mixed Concrete Batcher Controller / 2005 December
AD-4212A / 2005 December
HC-i Counting Scale 2005 October
UC-322 Precision Personal Health Scale 2005 October
UA-767 PBT Blood Pressure Monitor 2005 October
UC-321 PBT Precision Health Scale 2005 October
Brand Of The Year 2008 in Russia (PDF207KB) PDF new
A&D Product Seminar in Beijing and Shanghai
A&D Strengthens Support to Customers in China
iMAC 2007
A&D`s 30th Anniversary Ceremony
Our China operation has moved to a new factory to expand its capability
The headquarters of our Russian operation has moved
The UM-101 mercury-free sphygmomanometer has won a Good Design Award in Japan
Professor Franz Halberg from the University of Minnesota visited Japan to speak at Japan
  Society of Neurovegetative Research meetings
A&D RUS established/ 2006 November
Russia’s Health Idea Awards 2006
New International Division General Manager - Mr. Masaru Shibuya
Our TM-2655 Fully Automatic Monitor is Validated by European Doctors! / 2006 May
Our TM-2564G Bedside Monitor is Validated by European Doctors! / 2006 March
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