Test and Measurement

Test Instruments

  • Universal Testing Instruments
    RTF Series
    A&D's world-class Class 0.5 testing machine
    Machine design and structure precisely calculated to provide superior stiffness
    Highly accurate measurement control technology enabling sensor and machine connection
    RTG Series
    Class 1 accuracy testing machine
    Rated output accuracy of up to 1/500 guaranteed
    Highly accurate measurement control technology enabling sensor and machine connection
  • Material Testing Instruments
    MCT Series NEW
    Compact space-saving design
    High precision load cell included
    Data capture software included
    STB Series
    Tabletop Material Testing Instruments
    Lightweight and compact. A single column design
    High speed sampling rate of 0.2 msec (when using TACT)
    STA Series
    STA Series can perform more than 15 different tests
    Constant temperature testing device
    Incorporates a wide variety of analytical tools
  • Physical Properties Testing Instruments
    Measurement of viscoelastic physical properties under a curing process
    Analysis of curing behavior from liquid to solid state
    Practical evaluation of physical properties
  • Automatic Dynamic Viscoelastometer
    DDV-01FP / 25FP
    For measurement of the dynamic modulus of viscoelasticity of high polymers like plastic, rubber, and complex material
    Dynamic viscoelastometers of non-resonance forced vibration method
    Used in the fields of research and development for dynamic characteristics and quality inspection control
  • Friction and Wear Tester
    EFM-III Series
    Friction and wear tester for tribology evaluation
    Evaluation of friction properties for materials and products (metal, plastic, ceramics, bearing materials, brake lining materials, clutch disks, self-lubricated materials, lubricant oil, etc.)
    System can be customized (additional measurement and control items, etc.)
  • Other Testing Instruments
    Other Testing Instruments
    Judder testing machine
    Large testing machine for timber
    High-pressure environmental friction and wear tester
    Reciprocating friction and wear tester
    Automatic tensile testing machine
    Bearing friction and wear tester
    Semi-automatic tensile testing machine
    Endurance testing machine for bed

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Rheometers & Viscometers

  • Rheometers
    Repeatability as high as 1% of the measured value (by S.D.) even with low viscosity sample fluids
    Shear rate changes by controlling the sensor plate vibration amplitude
    Easy setup/cleaning and very quick measurement (stabilization in 20 seconds)
  • Viscometers
    SV-A Series
    Required sample quantity from as small as 2 ml (SV-1A)
    Continuous measurements from very low to high viscosity without replacing the sensor plates
    Simultaneous measuring and graphing of temperature and viscosity changes using the special "WinCT-Viscosity" software
    SV Series
    A&D's unique Tuning-fork Vibration method promises high accuracy and a wide measurement range without replacing the sensor plates
  • Peripherals
    AD-1671A Anti-Vibration Table for Viscometers/Rheometer
    Reduces measurement errors by isolating the tuning fork vibro viscometer/rheometer from minute external vibrations often imperceptible by humans

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  • Pipettes
    MPA Series
    Automatic operation assuring accuracy for everyone at all times
    Stress-minimized, pain-free operation using the forefinger
    Easy calibration (adjustment) by yourself – User CAL function
  • Pipette Accuracy Testers
    AD-4212B-PT / AD-4212A-PT / FX-300i-PT
    Automatic mass-to-volume conversion and accuracy judgment using the special "WinCT-Pipette" software
    Judgment by your preferred criteria - manufacturer specifications, ISO8655, or your own
    Includes an evaporation trap to minimize errors due to evaporation
  • Leak Tester
    Ideal for screening out damaged micropipettes
    Quick testing of less than 5 seconds
    Leak detection by depressurization

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Noise & Vibration

PDF Noise & Vibration Analysis Systems (PDF 2MB)

  • WCA Lite
    WCA Lite
    Sound analyzer
    Noise analyzer
    FFT analyzer
  • WCAmini
    A portable 4-channel noise & vibration analysis system
    The Portable FFT - It goes where you go
  • Compact WCA AD-3651
    Compact WCA AD-3651
    Features | System Configuration | Analysis Functions Introduction | Analysis Software Configurations
    Noise and vibration analyzer, from in-vehicle order tracking to MIMO analysis
    Compact and lightweight
  • Vibration Comparator
    Comparator function for machinery vibration and noise testing for production
    Instantaneously delivers judgments "OK" or "NG" (no-good) for product testing of bearings, motors, etc.

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Nondestructive Test

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
    Colour liquid crystal display for easy viewing
    DAC curve - ASME, AWS and JIS compliance
    NiCd battery with power management
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
    Designed for light gage materials
    0.8 mm to 200 mm with 0.1 mm accuracy
    Low cost and advanced technology

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Specialized Load Cells

  • X-Y Force Type Load Cells
    X-Y Series
    Ideal for tire uniformity measurement, etc.
    Simultaneous measurement in the X and Y directions with one unit
    Structure designed for excellent toughness and durability

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