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Masatake Eto
Managing executive officer of the International Division
A&D Co., Ltd.
This editorial website includes personal
observations by Masa Eto on an array of topics,
from world affairs to business. Mr. Eto is the
managing executive officer of the International Division at A&D Company Ltd.

September 2008 The Fun of Selling Measurement Instruments
June 2008 Super Precision Balance
March 2008  Our Next Frontier: Emotion
December 2007  Honmono in The Making : Honmono Story 3
September 2007  A&D’s Bluetooth Scale Helps Children Become Healthier
June 2007  Workshop Offers Emotional Experience
March 2007  Honmono Story 2
December 2006  Honmono Story 1
August 2006  Miniaturization of FX-i Pays Off
May 2006  TM-2655 into Virgin Territory
March 2006  BPM for Every Family
December 2005  Celebrating 100 years of Korotkov`s method
October 2005  Challenging Accuracy
July 2005  Thank you for telling us we are on the right track!
April 2005 The Engine Starts!
February 2005 Oz Going European!
December 2004 Do We Need a Cookbook?
September 2004  ACAI Offers Economical Values
June 2004  A Tool for Innovative Experiment
April 2004  Responding to Operators’ Needs
March 2004  Pursuit of Innovative Food
January 2004  Time Segmentation
November 2003  Measuring Makes You Slimmer and Healthier
October 2003 Viscometry Revolution?
July 2003 Great Time at Science Museum
June 2003 Milestones, Large and Small
March 2003 Cross-Technical Wizardry
January 2003 An Encouraging Message Welcomes the New Year
November 2002 Test with The Best
September 2002 New Way of Selling Moisture Analyzers
July 2002 Pioneering " IHB "
April 2002 TITAN.... A new frontier
February 2002 Illusion, Clue to Success
December 2001 Contributing to Quality of Life
September 2001 Debut of an Athletic Device
July 2001 The Birth of a New Sensor
April 2001 On a GRAND Scale
February 2001 Back to the Main Stage
December 2000 Thumb Button Culture
September 2000 A Little Bit of Physics
July 2000 Wisdom Prevents Arrogance
May 2000 The World's Most User-Friendly Balance!
March 2000 Hello, Dave
January 2000 Originality Counts
December 1999 Y2K - What If...
November 1999 Giving It Away For Free?
October 1999 A Tough Act to Follow
August 1999 Entering a New Market
June 1999 Dear Agents and Friends...
March 1999 Simple, right?
February 1999 Speaking the language is not enough!
December 1998 Now We're Cooking!
November 1998 Is It a Science
July 1998 Count On Your Intelligence
June 1998 Mass vs. Force
April 1998 Importance of Training
March 1998 Design Concept
January 1998 Era of Global Products
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