DSP  Introducing

Measurement / Control / Simulation

A&D will give special attention to clients' needs in various fields and keep offering state of the
art solutions utilizing A&D-DSP for the realization of Model Based Development.

Internal Object Model

A&D-DSP software is defined all as the object.

MBD(Model Based Development)

Recently all industries are faced with fierce competition in a global market, and are demanding faster and more efficient manufacturing processes.

Especially in the automotive industry, the social demands for safety, exhaust gas regulations and high fuel cost and the consumer demands for drivability, quietness and convenience are increasing. In response to those demands, the control system for automobiles has to be capable of executing much more precise and advanced control strategies, and the system becomes more detailed, complicated and extended. Furthermore, the pressure against the reduction of development time, cost savings and development of automotive control systems are rapidly increasing.

These Pressures increase as time goes by. Under such circumstances, the automotive control systems are becoming larger, more accurate, and complex. The announcement of V-Shape Development Process and the introduction of Model Based Development (MBD) have brought very successful results.

MBE(Model Based Engineering)

MBE(Model Based Engineering)proposed by A&D is the realization of model-based integration tools, which will bring all necessary software, hardware, mechanical systems including loading equipment for the development of automotive control systems into MBD environment seamlessly and interactively.

MBE(Model Based Engineering)concept is realized by the following 4 Key Words and Technology which A&D possesses:

  • "Real-time Simulation"
  • "Torque Demand"
  • "Model-base"
  • "Model Identification"

A&D has established “Automotive Tool Development Center” in Kitamoto, Japan to experiment and exercise MBE concept.

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