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    AD-8118C Printer
    The AD-8118C is a universal printer designed for connection with indicators, scales and electronic balances.
    AD-8121B Printer
    A wealth of functions, including: Interval printing function, Statistical function, Calendar clock function and Chart print function.
    Impact dot matrix printer for superior readability and long term durability.
    AD-1682 Battery Unit
    The AD-1682 is a rechargeable battery unit exclusively designed for A&D's weighing products.
    AD-1683 Static Eliminator
    Can be easily and safely installed because they require no high-voltage wiring.
    Little or no reverse charge is induced by irradiated ions because of its excellent ion polarity balance.
    AD-1684 Electrostatic Field Meter
    The AD-1684 is an electrostatic fieldmeter designed for detecting the existence of static electricity, which is often the cause of inaccurate weighing.
    AD-1685 Anti-Vibration Table for Viscometers
    The AD-1685 is an anti-vibration table that effectively isolates the SV-A Series viscometer from adverse vibration, enabling stable and accurate measurements.
    AD-1688 Weighing Data Logger NEW
    The AD-1688 weighing data logger is a handheld device that lets you collect weighing data without connecting the balance or scale to a PC!
    AD-1689 Tweezers for Calibration Weight
    The AD-1689 is a pair of tweezers that are ideally suited for manipulating calibration weights (10 ~ 500g).
    AD-8526 Serial / Ethernet Converter
    The AD-8526 can connect the RS-232C interface of an A&D weighing instrument to the Ethernet (LAN) port of a computer.
    AD-8527 Quick USB Adapter NEW
    The AD-8527 transfers weighing data to a PC in real time via an RS-232C connection with a weighing instrument and a USB connection with a PC. This enables a PC without COM ports to receive data.
    AD-8920A Remote Display
    Ideally suited for using a balance over the counter!
    AD-8922A Remote Controller
    AD-8922A is a remote controller that can be connected to certain A&D weighing instruments in order to display weighing data and control the weighing instrument with key operation.
    AD-8923-CC Remote Controller new
    Exclusive remote controller for the AD-4212C series

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